This is the settings file.
Last Date: October 10, 2017.

This file specifies the font sizes, colors and backgrounds used in Firefox
(the web browser I use).

I am using Ubuntu Linux with Firefox.

The site is mostly written in html, with a few exceptions in pdf or ascii, and
with the following in Firefox Preferences Menu (in the Edit Menu of Firefox,
and I am using the Advanced option):

Fonts: Serif: Verdana: Size 12
           Sans-serif: monospace: Size 10

Colors: My own preferred background color is #CCCCFF, which is the background
           color of the present file. This is because of my eyes. I also usually surf the
           web with this background color (rather than #FFFFFF which is white).
           The text color is black (#000000).

Background: The background for the site is this file (or copies). When this is not
           used (rarely) the background color (not of text files but behind it) should be
           #000099 or #000066 (middle or dark blue)

Pixels: The site is best seen at 1024 * 768 pixels

These settings display my site best.