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Welcome to my Rochefoucauld pages!


François de La Rochefoucauld

There is now a version of the original Maxims in English on this site, via Moral Maxims and a file with my own aphoristic comments to selected maxims.

The present second edition of 2009 differs from the previous first one (that dates back to 1997) in that there now is also an English version of Rochefoucauld's maxims, and not just my reactions to some of his aphorisms.

The English version is derived from the version at (this is the link I used), which was translated by Friswell and Bund, but my version is not identical with it, since I have removed the translators'  comments and quotations from Rochefoucauld's text, and also mostly from my comments, although I have retained a few, because they are to the point.

In Rochefoucauld's text and in my comments you will find an underlined star as * that (when blue or red) will lead you to my comment on the maxim or to a comment by the translators, and similarly in my comments from the comment back to the original at the place of the aphorism.

Finally, I should remark that (1) the edition I wrote my comments to in fact is that in the Penguin Classics, which is not the one I use as Rochefoucauld's text; (2) my comments are almost wholly the same as in the first edition; (3) you can also read my comments instead of Rochefoucauld, and use the links provided to get to his text, instead of the other way around; and you find my brief appraisal of Rochefoucald's text at the end of his text.

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

last update: Jul 5 2012