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Intro Multatuli

  Multatuli en de Filosofie

  Domela Nieuwenhuis: 
  "Multatuli als ketter
    bij uitnemendheid"

IDEEN van Multatuli

Gebed van de onwetende
Conceptie van de IDE╦N
Zelfportret uit de Max 

   "Multatuli tout pur" -
      brief van 9 april 1856
   De dadels van Hassan

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    Walter Pieterse
   (English transation by
   Hubert Evans, 1904)









Welcome to my Multatuli pages!      

Multatuli was the alias of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a Dutch philosopher, writer and social reformer who lived from 1820-1887.

Eduard Douwes Dekker

He wrote an amazingly beautiful Dutch, had many interesting ideas, and was one of the few true geniuses writing in Dutch.

If you do not read Dutch, there is a translation of "Max Havelaar" by Multatuli in Penguin Classics, while a considerable amount of his work that he published himself has been translated into German.

Of the "Max Havelaar" - a classic attack on Dutch colonialism, first published in 1860 - there are many translations in many languages, including French and Korean.

If you do read Dutch, see the left pane for a part of Multatuli's IDEAS in Dutch, with my comments.

My comments to IDEAS 1 have been finished in a first version on January 27, 2003. Later that year folllowed IDEAS 2 and IDEAS 3. In May 2005 the full text of and comments on IDEAS 4 followed. IDEAS 5 and IDEAS 6 and IDEAS 7 were added in the first half year of 2006.

I now have commented all books of IDEAS that Multatuli wrote, together over 2000 closely printed pages and must have done something that happens in Holland at most once in 150 years.

For more see Introductie Ideen - if you read Dutch, for else you must abstain from the pleasures of meeting a great Dutch writer.

There also are now excerpts of my comments and indexes to them. These are complete for the first six volumes, but the seventh still has to be done. There is a general index for this, and it should be
noted this consists only of excerps of my notes, and still remains to be done for IDEEN 7:

In September 2011 I uploaded the first html-editions of Minnebrieven and of a fine English translation, published in 1904, of the first part of
Walter Pieterse, that is originally part of the IDEAS. If you click on the last link, you can start reading straight away in Chapter 1, and find out why Multatuli has been compared to Heine and Voltaire.

Probably I'll need to do some more formatting with each of the last mentioned two editions, but as it is it is mostly quite readable (at least in Mozilla-browsers).

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

last update: 5 Juli 2012