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Welcome to my Machiavelli pages!

There is a complete English translation of Machiavelli's "The Prince" in this section, together with my notes to them, collectively about the same length.

This was one of the first texts on my site, of which it is a part since ca. 1996. It has gone through quite a few reformattings since then, with little or no textual changes to my notes, but has been reformatted in March 2012

(i)   with some textual changes in my notes, though not many
(ii)   with quotations of the part of Machiavelli's text I annotate in my notes in blue
(iii)  with links to terms in my Philosophical Dictionary.

Apart from that the formatting has been somewhat improved; the blue background fixed; and some links repaired, to it seems fair to say that this is a new and better edition, the last especially because I have now the quotes I comment on in my notes.

Meanwhile, in the past 15 years or so both this edition and my notes have been downloaded a lot, and also have been used in at least one university course.

If you want to know more about Machiavelli, see my Intro Machiavelli that also gives references to background texts; if you want to know more about his time see Burckhard's "The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy", also on my site, with notes (that have not yet been finished); and if you want to know more about politics, there is a list of good readings about politics in my Philosophical Dictionary.

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