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Welcome to my own philosophy  pages about my own philosophy!

The links on the left give only a rather random and very small selection of what I wrote. (It depends in part on what is in html).

Probably the best introduction to my own ideas are the Philosophical Dictionary and its Key-terms or my Problems Of Philosophy.

There is a good if somewhat indirect survey of some of my ideas about society, men, education and quite a few other things for those who read Dutch in my comments to Multatuli's IDEEN (all 7 volumes). 

Multatuli was the alias of Eduard Douwes Dekker, a truly amazing Dutchman who lived from 1820-1887, and may be read in English in Penguin Classics: "Max Havelaar", which is mostly autobiographical.

The only real and genuine modern Dutch philosophers I know of (that are worth reading) are Multatuli and Beth, and neither was an academic philosopher. (Beth was a mathematician and logician primarily. I like his "Foundations of Mathematics" very much.)

There is and will be considerably more philosophy and logic  on this site in the future, and indeed there is much more in the links in this paragraph - and note that all philosophical classics I put on line come with my own comments.

There now also is the - beginning of - the beginning of my own IdeeŽn in Dutch.

My own meanings for over 600 terms (presently) that are used in philosiophy is in my 
Philosophical Dictionary.

Also, there are extensive notes by me - usually as long as the works annotated - to

Leibniz's New Essays and Monadology
Aristotle's Ethics and Politics (Politics not done except for first 3 books) 
Descartes' Meditations
Hume's Enquiries into Understanding and Morals
Mill's On Liberty and Utilitarianism
Multatuli's Ideen (all 7 books of Ideen commented)
Russell's Problems of philosophy
Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (mostly done, but not fully) 

and indeed quite a few more: See the philosophers-section: most, though not all philosophers in the left blue pane are there with some of their full works in html, that quite often have notes like the above:

all come with usually extensive notes, though as before not all have finished.

Also, I have on February 22, 2014 inserted in the left pane a link to my Dutch autobiography, that is now maintained in this section, after having been written in Nederlog.

This autobiography extends at present from 1950-1978, and is now finished as the first volume about the first 28 years of my autobiography - after which it will be rewritten, because I think it can be improved stylistically, and also to fill in a few things I forgot.

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

Maarten Maartensz
last update: Jun 5, 2016