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Welcome to my Epicurus pages!

Epictetus (artist's impression) 
 341 BC- 270 BC

Epicurus was the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism. He wrote over 300 works, of which presently only a few fragments are known.

The probably closest rendering of Epicurean doctrines is On the Nature of Things by Lucretius that I also hope to get on this site soon.

What is presently in the Epicurus section is a file with  the text  known as  ''Principal Doctrines",  that consists of 40 theses gathered from his works, with my comments.

Presently, this is a copy of a file in Nederlog, that I intend to split up into a file with the Epicurus's text, and a file with my comments. Also, if I do that, I may add some more by Epicurus from a German source, but this too will not at all make up for thye lost 300 works.

last update: 05-July-2012