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                    Philosophical Dictionary

This is the general Index of my Philosophical Dictionary. 
Clicking a letter starts the list of terms that start with that letter and that are presently in the Dictionary.

The Philosophical Dictionary is a hypertext of alphabetically arranged terms and ideas in English or Dutch that relate to philosophy. The entries state what I thought when I wrote them and are dated at the end. There are many links and many interrelations, and to understand all of it you must at least have read all of it. Also, to understand all of it may require some knowledge of philosophy and logic, such as can be acquired by reading some books listed in Literature

There is a little more background in the following sections:

Here are three files with keyterms in the Dictionary; with categories by which the terms are classified; and with all terms in the dictionary so far:

Also there now is a quotations-server in Javascript, with all of the code and all of the quotations in the source:

I wish you pleasant and instructive reading!

Please note that this Philosophical Dictionary gives my views and my stipulative definitions how I wish to use philosophical and other terms.

In case you want a more comprehensive view, by many specialists, try

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

NB: For the moment, the Philosophical Dictionary is over ten years old, and contains over 600 entries, that also are not fully done. This is expected to be a large work, of years to come.

At present it is an ongoing project of some 18 MB, that will start to be more or less as I want it to be when it is twice as large, I expect.

Therefore, the reader may be sure that for the time being all entries into the Philosophical Dictionary will be soon revised or updated (for example: provided with new links). Also, all entries that have been made can be expected to be extended, sometimes by a lot of material.

So for the moment, one thing is certain: All the material in it for the time being is transient, changeable, and to be extended and corrected, if and when I have the health for it.


As of November 7 2012:

The formatting that had been upset over the past one and a half year (since May 2011) has now been rectified again. This means that the lemmas in the dictionary look better than they did the last year, as they have been reformatted to show all one size font. The html is still not  very good, being made by a WYSIWYG editor, but at least WYS now is - I hope - all in one size font.

As of April 25, 2018

I have now been working on this Philosophical Dictionary - off and on -  since 2004. I also am still ill (for almost forty years now) and poor, and my poverty implies that I have been writing this Dictionary since 2011 in KompoZer, which is a free WYSIWYG html-editor.

KompoZer is good in some respects, but it is rather bugged, and has some awful mistakes, and this makes the writing of a dictionary like the present one much more difficult than it needs to be.

Since I am also nearly 68 as I write this, I have to confess - after trying it once more in KompoZer - that I may never finish this Dictionary, indeed not because I expect to die soon, but because it is much more difficult than it needs to be with KompoZer.

Maarten Maartensz

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