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 P - Postmodernism


Postmodernism: a.k.a. po-mo: Fraudulent philosophy of fraudulent would-be scientists and would-be philosophers who seek to make a career and get money and status by pretending to emancipate others, and who insist "truth does not exist", "truth is relative", "all moral norms are equally relative", "all men are equal" (and usually in po-mo circles "but women are more equal than men").

1. Diagnosis
2. Why I have some rights to speak against po-mo

1. Diagnosis

Postmodernism is a perverse intellectual and academic plague that started in the early 1970-ies, mostly among marxists, feminists and homosexuals, and since then has taken over large parts of the Humanities and Philosophy in Western universities, and also elsewhere, because it requires no intellect, no morals, no human stature and yet effectively guarantees an academic position, high income and a reputation for being a humanist, a radical, and close to a moral saint.

Wherever there are Gender Studies, Gay Studies, Black Studies etc. you can safely infer that po-mo frauds have taken over part of what may have been a good university department, usually by pretending to emancipate others while making a career themselves, and in terms of the most awful and pretentious abstruse abuse of language ("politically correct" argumentation).

The current po-mo cant-term whereby one unfailingly can recognize these intellectual Stalinists is "hegemony" or "hegemonic", that po-mo frauds use every other sentence, usually in an ungrammatical fashion, because they are totally consumed by the wish for power and status, being complete leftist totalitarian frauds or fools. The beliefs of each and every po-mo adherent are fundamentally totalitarian and relativistic, as defined by Orwell:

"Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits but according to who does them, and there is almost no outrage - torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonments without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians, which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by 'our' side." (The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, vol 3, p. 419. My stresses.).

One should also be aware of the psychological genesis of po-mo: Usually it started with an idealistic adolescent who wanted to emancipate oneself and humanity, who soon found that one's prejudices could not be maintained rationally. So, instead of giving up their prejudices and reason more rationally, they chose to insist that "all truths and all morals are relative", making sure that they at least could not be refuted, and could continue their beloved superstitious prejudices. As soon as it turned out - around 1970, and since - that in universities careers in the Humanities and Philosophy could be made and founded on this abuse of reason especially by frauds, liars, cheats, careerists, and a few true-believing but very stupid fanatics, po-mo was born and started to grow explosively, for inside Academia as outside Academia there are far more dimwits and mediocrities than brilliant intellects or honest individuals, and far more liars and cheats than genuine rational thinkers, and far more second-rate careerists than genuine first-rate scientists.

Any university with a staff that really cares for science must earnestly seek to exclude po-mo from its staff, university-publications and campus, because it is fundamentally a fraudulent leftist outrage that guarantees and cares only for two things: Careers for its adherents (natural born thousandth raters but networkers of  pure genius, always willing and able to pose as emancipators, always capable and trying to prostitute verbal Political Correctness for a career for themselves) and a thoroughly totalitarian outlook that pretends to be leftist and humanistic, but is this only in a Stalinist sense, i.e. in a corrupt, phoney, false, humbugged way.

The saint of po-mo is the late and unlamented Michel Foucault, who produced a whole relativistic philosophy to make a career as Maitre-Penseur and to be able to indulge without criticism in his own favourite forms of sado-masochistic homosexuality. In the end he denied there was or could be such a thing as HIV, and perished of aids - after infecting many others with it, who presumably also perished.

Unfortunately, this was not so much the end of po-mo as the creation of an important po-mo role-model and example: One can make a career by denying truth exists and pretending to want to emancipate some discriminated Group, usually one that one belongs oneself to, and lying, posturing and moral pretense are far better ways towards money and status in Academia than honesty and rationality, which always are marks of rare individudals (See: Politically Correct and We).

Note for the loony rightists that may agree with my diagnosis of the loony leftists:

I have no more sympathy for the loony rightists, like Creationists in the US or Fortuynists in Holland, and the causes for
their existence - political or moral fraudulence, stupidity, Groupthink, wishful thinking, fanaticism, or indeed in some cases stark raving insanity - are just the same as for the loony left.

2. Why I have some rights to speak against po-mo

I remigrated from Norway in 1977 to Holland in order to study in the country where I was born, without knowing at the time that the universities had been mostly taken over by a combination of the student left and parts of the staff, who saw these as a means to further their own power, status and standing, and play a political role.

In the early 1980-ies, although I was already ill, I was asked to found a student party to enter the then existing parliament of the University of Amsterdam, which then existed because that university was said to be "democratized" and was supposedly led by "the students, the working staff and the academic staff", although that was an evident lie.

My motives to try to do so, next to my linguistic and logical abilities, where my deep concern for real science and a good scientific education in a good university, and my great distaste for the mix of political ideology and false leftist moral claims I and my contemporaries got instead in most courses in the faculties I studied (philosophy, psychology and Norwegian: nearly all I got in either study was fraudulent, hundredth-rate, and strongly politicized in many ways).

It should be remarked also here, that the great majority of both the students and the - supposedly - scientific staff where much in favor of what they got, for the simple reason that it made getting degrees and teaching very simple: Most of what was required amounted to chanting currently popular political slogans.

Another important reason, which I did not make public at the time, since my parents still lived, was that I was brought up in a genuine communist family, with a father and grandfather who had been heroes of the Dutch Resistance against national socialism, and who had been arrested and sent to a German concentration camp, where my grandfather was murdered.

I could therefore, since nearly all of po-mo at the time in Amsterdam was in the name of Marxism (and Feminism, and the Emancipation of Homosexuals, usually in combination with Marxism or Socialism or Social Democracy) and since many of the po-mo activist careerists where members of the communist party or of the extreme left, judge quite well the pretensions of these leftist careerist activists: Compared to real Marxists, such as my parents, they were liars, posturers and phoneys, who did not even know the philosophy they pretended to have, while it anyway was clear that what nearly all really wanted was power and a position in the university, which at the time and still is in Holland a civil servant position for life, in one of the highest income brackets, with hardly any duties and no controls on quality.

And this is what the many thousands of po-mo members of my generation really motivated, and indeed what many hundreds - perhaps thousands - succeeded in getting, for to this day the staff in Dutch universities is composed from incompetents and frauds who made their way to the academic top as a student radical, and since then could not be removed because they have a civil servant's contract.

The student party got created, was named NASA (Nieuwe Amsterdamse Studenten Associatie) and got elected in the parliament, with one seat, which I did not take for reasons of health, though I did write most of the motions and theses of the NASA.

I gave this up in 1982, in part for reasons of health, in part because most of those who supported me were not very intelligent and not as much concerned with real  science as I was and am, and in part because I had been discriminated too many times as "a fascist", "a macho", "a patriarchical swine" etc., since the ruling leftists had the habit of calling me these names, with "arguments" such as "I hear you like Peirce better than Marx. Peirce was an American, wasn't he? Well, then you are a supporter of American imperialism and therefore a fascist." (The speaker of these immortal lines is at present a Ph.D., is called Olaf McDaniel, and is a top-bureaucrat in the Dutch Ministry of Education, that indeed is both very corrupt and very incompetent to this day. His IQ is probably some 50 or more points lower than mine is, but that constitutes in fact merely an excellent reason to be promoted in Dutch government to far beyond one's level of incompetence: The stupid, the cowardly, the immoral, the time-servers and the careerists are always those who make the careers in civil service: They ask no difficult questions, do not protest, and follow orders uncomplainingly. See: Ordinary Men.)

In 1983 I was removed the first time from the University by its Board of Directors, a scientifically totally incompetent and dishonest set of thiefs from the Dutch Labour Party, who made tens of millions of guilders "disappear" from the books of the University of Amsterdam, but who were never legally made responsible, because they were the top of the University, and those who should have controlled them were their own comrades from the Dutch Labour Party. (The gentlemen concerned are the late George Cammelbeeck, the late Jan-Karel Gevers, and Roel Poppe and Bob de Hon. They are thiefs of tens of millions and have destroyed the University of Amsterdam in the same sort of ways, for the same sort of reasons, and with the same sort of consequences as Stalin's rule in Russia, only alleviated by their having no powers to kill, and having less to destroy in the name of morals and politics.)

In 1987 I succeeded, still ill, to start studying again, but was again removed in 1988 "because of your outspoken opinions, in spite of your serious ill health", as the Board of Directors wrote me, with obvious sadistic intent, also in view of the fact that I am the only Dutchman who has been removed from a university "because of your outspoken opinions" since the German occupation of Holland ended in 1945.

This happened just before taking my M.A. in philosophy. In the end, having also a B.A. in psychology, I took my M.A. in psychology, though mostly on mathematics, physics and logic, because I don't have a high opinion of psychology as a science, and did so with the highest possible marks ("summa cum laude"), since unlike those who make a career with po-mo I do have a very high intelligence and I still believe the best systematic way to emancipate human kind is by real science and its development, and by good scientific education for anybody having the requisite talents.

Hence, I can say with considerable justification that my brilliant intellectual possibilities have been on purpose, and with full consciousness and obvious sadistic intent, destroyed by the Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam - named above - because I was one of the few of their opponents and their crimes and thefts, and was certainly the most outspoken one, and I can also say that all Postmodernists I have seen where either Stalinist frauds, liars and cheats, or extra-ordinary dimwits who led themselves be abused and misled by the first group.

Also, both groups were evidently rife with careerists (a dim wit makes a safe colleague in a lower rank), and Dutch education, not only in the universities, has been systematically destroyed, levelled, "democratized", and stupefied, and it seems highly unlikely the great damage that has been done can be undone in the coming generations, very probably to the cost of all Dutchmen - since e.g. Indians and Chinese meanwhile were not so stupid as to poison their own institutions of education, and drive their best intellects out of the country, as happened in Holland, and as is right - for indeed I call on any Dutchman with obvious intellectual talents to emigrate to a country where his or her talents are taken serious instead of denied "in the name of democracy", stifled "in the name of emancipation", and badly educated because the traditional university, with respect and concern for genuine intellectual talent, and with really good education and courses has been destroyed in Holland.

In brief, if you are a kind of Stalinist, are actively disinterested in real science, have no intellectual talents whatsoever, other than a vast ability to lie in front of cameras and in public meetings "in the name of The People", are a natural born totalitarian politician or civil servant, and like to make an academic career based on fraudulence, cheatery and posturing, but which is very well-paid, comes with many kudos, and has many like-minded intellectually lowly gifted moral friends and colleagues "dedicated to Emancipation", by all means become a Postmodernist. If not, try to remove this plague and this type of fraudulent "scientists" and "philosophers" from the universities, before the universities are totally destroyed for generations.|

See also: Modal Logic, Necessity


Carnap, Bochenski, Chellas, Hughes & Cresswell

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