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 F - Feelings

Feelings: State of pleasure or displeasure connected to a bodily state or an idea one has.

A basic concept when describing human beings: They have feelings, indeed of many kinds, about many kinds of things, and it is these that motivate them to actions. And pleasure and displeasure (pain, fear etc.) seems to the basic dimension or dimensions involved in all feelings.

It is difficult to be more precise here, because there are many kinds of feelings, varying from those connected to natural needs, like hunger or defecation, to those involving much learning and education, like the joys of mathematics, and combinations of these, like love for a person.

And whether or not human beings can be explained as if they are computers (machines capable of calculating primitive recursive functions), they are living things and feel - and many of their feelings and ideas concern unrealized (future) possibilities, that may be quite unfounded, or involve false beliefs.


See also: Emotion, Needs, Pain, Pleasure


Hilgard & Atkinson

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