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 C - Collusion


Collusion: Etymologically, playing together, but here meant in the psychiatric sense of: A system of delusions or illusions that is maintained in a social group.

As defined, collusions may be innocuous, or may even be almost necessary for civilized social intercourse, that requires a lot of stageplayed hypocrisy, politeness, acting as if etc.

As long as for most players in a social group that maintain a collusion it is rather evident that what they maintain is mostly an illusion, one has not left the field of social étiquette or game-playing, but as soon as an appreciable proportion of the players gets deluded, and thus looses contact with reality, things may get dangerous.

In any case: Wherever there is a social group that maintains a political or religious faith or ideology there will be some amount of socially desired collusion.


See also: Character, Conformism, Delusion, Illusion


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