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 A - Assumptions - First


First Assumptions: The assumptions used to philosophize, think and explain.

As defined, the first assumptions one uses may be conscious and unconscious, and in the case of most men - who have not spend much of their time to reflect consciously on philosophical questions - most first assumptions will be largely unconscious, while those they are conscious of will tend to be based on wishful thinking.

Also, it should be noted that many of the important assumptions one uses in fact, such as those involved in natural language, and one's thoughts about one's self and other human beings are difficult to find and articulate, and have taken years of learning, most of which one did unconsciously in childhood.

The first assumption this dictionary is based on is

A listing of some some of the other important assumptions on which this dictionary is based can be found here:

Two sets of Rules of Reasoning that are involved in the testing of theories and in induction are here


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