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  Buddha (*)

(circa) 564-483 BC   

On this site there is at the moment the text of the Dhammapada in Max Müller's English translation, in which I read it first, before I was 20, and ever since knew Dhammapada 1.1, which is inspiring though the "All" seemed and seems mistaken to me:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.

I disagree with "All" on more or less the same grounds as I disagree with concluding from the premiss that all we see is the surfaces of things that there are no insides of things. See Natural Realism.

As to the text of the Dhammapada (and other texts from the various Buddhist traditions):  it should be remarked that what has been handed down as the Buddha's teaching was written down much later than it was taught: What you get are - probably, mostly - not his (exact, precise) own words, but what has been made of these by his followers.

(*) I do not know whether any of the images and statues of Buddha are in any way a likeness, and most were made long after his death, and often outside India. I chose this one - also on Wikipedia: click the image - because many of the more traditional representations seem a bit saccharine to me.

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