New in 2016 - and later - on this site

I have decided (circa 2012, when my eyes got bad and painful, and they are a bit better in 2016) not to continue to maintain the "new on site" file.

Instead, the important changes are listed in Nederlog and in Summaries. So this file is here to tell you that.

I also give a very brief survey of the site: It is over 500 MB now; it has over 10.000 files (nearly all html); it's main directories are philosophy, logic, computing, ME, ME in Amsterdam, and Nederlog, and most directories have many directories with many files as subdirectories. The last two sets of directories are in Dutch and "ME" ithe abbreviation for a physical disease I have since 1.i.1979.

Next, the site is mostly in English, but there are sizable parts of Dutch. The English parts are far too many to sum-up. Here is the sum-up of the Dutch files:

In Dutch / Nederlands:

The only Dutch directories on my site are these:

  • Multatuli (a lot of files in quite a few directories: Most he wrote is on the site with my comments)
  • MEinAadam (my history with ME/CFS in Amsterdam: a lot of files, and quite a few directories)
  • Nedernieuws + Nederlog (again many directories with very many files)

There may be a little more in Dutch on the site - which is large, exists since 1996, and has been built bit by bit - but not much.     

                                              Maarten Maartensz
last update: 4 Sep 2016