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    TOUR of "ME in Amsterdam"

Starting and orienting quotes:

"The banality of evil: failing to think


Some years ago, reporting the trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem, I spoke of "the banality of evil" and meant with this no theory or doctrine but something quite factual, the phenomenon of evil deeds, committed on a gigantic scale, which could not be traced to any particularity of wickedness, pathology or ideological conviction in the doer, whose only personal distinction was a perhaps extraordinary shallowness. However monstrous the deeds were, the doer was neither monstrous nor demonic, and the only specific characteristic one could detect in his past as well in his behavior during the trial and the preceding police examination was routinely entirely negative: it was not stupidity but a curious, quite authentic inability to think." 

Hanna Ahrendt: "The many faces of evil", Ed. A. Oksenberg Rorty, p. 265)

 "If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities."

Last update: July 3 2001 - Link to English summary

This file gives a TOUR of "ME in Amsterdam" in English, for the benefit of English readers and the European Court of Justice, since my human rights have been knowingly destroyed in Amsterdam, on purpose, and for the benefit of dangerous dealers in harddrugs - against whom I cannot and have never gotten any protection, in spite of years and years of protests and demands, and in spite of the last 1 and 1/2 years of trying to have even my existence and my site recognised by any of the criminally corrupt and incompetent members of the Amsterdam city council (all of whom, foreigner should know, have knowingly and for years served the interest of the Amsterdam drugs mafia).

You can read this through, and click on the filenames to see the files, and make up your own mind whether you want to read them.

Some of the files are long, but all of them are well-written, if in Dutch. Dutchmen don't like them, because I criticize Dutchmen and Holland, and that is a major crime among burocratic and political Dutchmen, whereas ordinary Dutchmen normally don't care fuck - as they like to say - for what happens in their country as long as it doesn't stop soccer on TV.

"ME in Amsterdam" is about the moral and intellectual degeneration of the Dutch society in general, but especially in Amsterdam where I have the misfortune to live and which I cannot leave because I am ill, invalid and poor.

This is an outspoken attack on named Dutch and Amsterdam politicians, who all know that what I claim is true, and provably true, and don't dare to get me in court for what I dare to say.

It also contains extensively argued written proofs, in the form of letters (with paid delivery) to the Board of Directors of the UvA (= University of Amsterdam), where I had the misfortune to receive my academic education, and to the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Amsterdam.

Here are the starts of the four main documents in the case

To these I will return below, after sketching some more background.

"ME in Amsterdam" was first made in 1996, after my health was totally destroyed by the machinations of drugs dealers-with-legal-permission-to-deal-drugs, given by the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam, and maintained and protected by the municipal police of Amsterdam, that works for drugscriminals, and refuses to protect civilians like myself, who complain about murder threats by these dealers.

It was sent in December 1996 to the Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam (who are part of my attack on the miseducation I and my generation received in the university), and in April 1997 to the mayor of Amsterdam, Schelto Patijn, both by paid delivery.

It was made to claim damages and get repair.

The damages in case of the UvA were that in spite of the brilliance most people allow I do have and in spite of the illness I also do have, I was removed twice from the university "because of your outspoken opinions, in spite of your serious illness", as the Board of Directors wrote me in 1988, also in spite of the fact that NO-ONE else in Holland has been removed from a university "because of your outspoken opinions" since 1945.

Here is the - sadistic, impertinent, impolite - letter with which the Board of Directors removed me from the UvA, shortly before my M.A. in philosophy:

What I protested against in the UvA were indeed quite a number of things - and I didn't do so alone, for I had succeeded in creating a student-party, the NASA ("New Association of Students in Amsterdam") that had been elected in the parliament of the university, which at the time was the formal chief power in the UvA.

Here is a link to papers I published at the time (then quite controversial), and to a few specific ones, of which the last in mostly in English, since it contains long lost manuscripts of Dr. Lemuel Gulliver (made famous by J. Swift):

        post-modernism2 (Waarheid en Waarde)

Well, I was removed from the UvA, and was refused an M.A. in philosophy - for which I had worked hard for years, and invested much money (which therefore was simply stolen by the Board of Directors of the UvA, who indeed hated me).

Since I already had a B.A. in psychology, I signed on the next year again in the UvA, this time in psychology - being ill and invalid, and having no other choice if I wanted an M.A. degree - and received the best possible M.A. some years later, again after considerable discrimination "because of your outspoken opinions" - because I also published these.

Here is a link to my published vilification of the fashions, miseducation, false pretension, hypocrisy and general destruction of rationality and morality I received in the UvA:

After having been removed the first time from the UvA I had for some years great trouble to survive, since I had and have a disease that was not recognised and was not admitted as real by the Amsterdam burocracy, and of which at that time I didn't even know the name: M.E.

The consequence were endless difficulties with the authorities over dole; the non- receipt of any dole or any support whatsoever; and my eviction from the fairly decent house in which I lived a little over a year.

This is described in

which needs updating, but is a fair summary of what happened to me and the woman I lived with in Amsterdam while we both had M.E., that was neither admitted, nor recognised, nor diagnosed.

Because I was -illegally, improperly, sadistically - evicted from my house I had to try to survive in the small and bad house of a friend of mine - in which the landlord started a so-called coffee shop on the bottom floor, that was given permission by the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam to deal in drugs, which indeed they did - both hard drugs and soft drugs, mixed with murder threats of anyone who dared to protest against their business.

Now here enter a few rather curious themes. It is the theme of resistance against fascism, the theme of Amsterdam mayors who falsely claim they are "Jewish" because this makes them eligible for mayorship, and the theme of the normal Dutch hypocrisy, cowardice, and total lack of any norms that do not promise a solid financial profit.

Why are these themes "curious"?

First, because they concern my own personal background and the personal background of the Amsterdam ex-mayor Ed van Thijn, who refused to order his police-force to maintain the Dutch law, and instead systematically broke and ruined the Dutch law to give drugs criminals the opportunity to deal with protection of the Amsterdam municipal police in illegal drugs, for reason of the truly enormous illegal profits - that have since contributed much to the welfare of many Amsterdam burocrats and politicians. (For clearly, the political protectioners of an illegal business that makes at least hundreds of millions of illegal profits yearly have much to gain by protecting the drugsmafia.)

The brief facts are that Van Thijn greased his career with "the ideals of The February Strike" - which was the only protest by a civilian population during World War 2 protesting the razzia on Jews (of which some 116.000 Dutch ones were arrested and murdered).

This protest was mostly organized and called for by members of the Dutch communist party. My father and grandfather were co-organisers of this strike - and arrested and sent also to a German  concentration- camp, where my  grandfather was murdered.

So in my family, there is a tradition of resisting terrorism - which may well be due to genes not many Dutchmen have:

In any case:  Ed van Thijn the major to whom I turned after I had complained for about a year to the municipal police about murder threats by harddrugs dealers my landlord had put on the bottom floor of the house where I lived, and after the municipal police had repeatedly refused to do anything whatsoever against any drugsdealer I complained about (and no doubt any other Amsterdam citizen complained about: The municipal police works for the interest of the Amsterdam mafia, not the Amsterdam citizens).

Van Thijn refused to see me, refused to answer my letters, refused to make the police do their legal duties, and has ever since refused to do anything for me, most probably because he is not merely a coward and a criminal, but also a psychopath (as I am not the only Dutchman to believe).

His successors Patijn and Cohen, likewise members of the Dutch Labour Party, also refused to receive me, answer my complaints - or bring this site for a European court.

The basic reason is that the evidence on this site, that's not only due to me, but also to the Dutch parliamentary Van Traa committee and available, in Dutch, with 190 of my notes, is overwhelmingly on my site - every year some 50 BILLION ( = 50.000 million) guilders is turned over in soft drugs alone, based in Holland.

And there you have the basic secret of what keeps Holland so rich even in times of economic trouble: There is a HUGE source of illegal income, made and spend in this most free, most liberal, and most hypocritcal of all European states - and there is an easy way to become very rich (on a bank account in the Cayman Isles or so) when you are a Dutch police-man, a Dutch district attorney, or a Dutch politician. Also, since Holland indeed is very free and very liberal, the actual risks you run when corrupt are small.

"And thus it  goes", as Vonnegut observed. If corruption is easy, most people find it easy and remumerative to be corrupted. "Video meliora proboque; deteriora sequor" has been the normal way of the human heart since Roman times ("I see and approve the better way; I follow the worse way" - from ease, comformism, cowardice and corruption). And this is why the diagnosis of the banality of evil (i.e. the everyday common fact of cruelty, greed, egoism, and hypocrisy) is an apt diagnosis of much that happened in history.

I promise you interesting reading if you read Dutch with "ME in Amsterdam". However, it will not make you an optimist, nor will it make you happy, and some of it is hard going - but this is not due to my choices, for I merely report what happened to "ME in Amsterdam" and what is the evidence for good explanations of this.

And if you want to be otherwise amused, or see completely different sides of me, there is a lot else on this site that does not address such awful facts. 

Maarten Maartensz
January 31, 2002



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