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   "If we believe absurdities,
    we shall commit atrocities."

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Welcome to my ME in Amsterdam pages!

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This section contains the story of my trials and tribulations in Amsterdam while -  really - having the disease M.E., first studying at the University of Amsterdam and protesting against the then current totalitarian post-modernism, Marxism and feminism, and next while being forced to live from 1989 till 1992 in a house where Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam had given a harddrugsdealer license and protection ("gedoogbeleid", in Dutch) to deal soft drugs, hard drugs and threaten the population around them, including me, with bloody "murder if you do anything we dislike".   Here the secrets that lurk in the background are the Dutch genius for making money + the fact that the yearly turnover of drugstrafficking based in Holland is ... around 50 BILLION dollars yearly, with a small part of which lots of burocrats and politicians can be easily corrupted. (Source for the amount: Parliamentary Report of 1995 by Van Traa et al.)

I did not like being threatened with murder, and do not accept this intentional ruining of my human rights, and have been fruitlessly - totally! - protesting this state of affairs since 1989: As far as Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam are concerned, the day will be praised when I am finally murdered by their protected ("gedoogd") dealers in harddrugs, and meanwhile I am supposed to be "mad" - which also saves them the risk of so much as talking  to me, answering my complaints, or indeed attempting to refute the irrefutable evidence on this site.

Obviously, since I am a poor invalid, I have no practisable  rights in Holland and in Amsterdam, when my interests clash with those of the pushers that are protected by the Amsterdam city-government: I cannot pay for protection and hard drugs dealers are willing to pay a lot to the corrupt Mayor & Aldermen and bureaucracy of Amsterdam.

As to being "mad": I am ill with M.E. (medically admitted since before being exposed to murder-threats), and I have a top-degree in psychology. No court and no independent medical doctor will  declare I am mad - which is also part of the reason you CAN read this.

Most of ME in Amsterdam is in Dutch, but there is a  Tour of ME in Amsterdam in English. (In progress: Not ready.) For a review of an American and English assessment of Holland and the Dutch, see my bookreview of The Undutchables. (This IS cynical, satirical, irreverend, unkind, angry and lots of other things decent conformist careerists are NOT.)

The "Van Traa-rapport" on the left is the result of a Dutch parliamentary investigation into organized criminality in Amsterdam. It was first published in 1995, and is freely available on the internet (in Dutch). 

The Dutch parliamentarian Van Traa who led the investigation, died mysteriously in a car-crash not far from Amsterdam soon after publishing it. Of course, this CAN be seen as a public warning by the organized criminality he investigated, since their profits and power are far larger than the profits or power of any other Dutch institution. It CAN also be seen as a traffick accident: Take your pick - given the above facts.

In any case: According to this parliamentary Van Traa-rapport of 1995, the Dutch nation in the form of Dutch and in Holland living drugsdealers have a turnover of some 50 BILLION guilders YEARLY only in soft drugs (a large part of which is profit!)  thanks to Dutch and Amsterdam corrupt and/or incompetent politicians, policemen, district attorneys, judges, parliamentarians.

The vast majority of the Dutchmen doesn't care shit, or also profit from it or enjoy the easy access to XTC, cocaine and party-drugs, all mostly and predominantly thanks to Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Amsterdam. (See my bookreview of The Undutchables and - if you read Dutch - Multatuli and his ideas 74, 107, 136, 447.)

Of  course, you need not - indeed are invited not to - believe what  I write. However, even if I would not write anything, the evidence gathered independently by others is overwhelming  that most of what I write is far closer to the truth than any Dutch burocrat or politician is willing to admit.

So if you read Dutch, you are invited to consider my evidence, and the evidence of the parliamentary  Van Traa report, and make up your own mind. 

Probable result: The present writer runs great risks - willingly, due to a rather rare, undoubtedly Quixotic honesty - and since he is not at all rich or powerful, and since clearly a lot of drugs are used and sold in Holland something is very rotten in Holland.

Also, if you like plenty of drugs, or easy riches, come to Amsterdam! Mayor & aldermen will welcome you with open arms, for monetary gain is the one moral value they practise actively - apart from hypocrisy, of course.

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading!

Maarten Maartensz
last update: Nov 8 2004