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February 25 1941-2000

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The introductions are in both Dutch and English, but the rest of this part of my site is Dutch.

Ik geef hieronder links naar de Korte Index en de Originele Index, die beide een overzicht van alle files in "ME in Amsterdam" geven.

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In 2000 (en eind 1999) heb ik hier twee nieuwe mappen aan toegevoegd:

Na 10 jaar


     ME in Amsterdam  

The subject of the present section is my forced stay, as an invalid with a then not "officially recognized" disease ME/CFS above an Amsterdam coffeeshop "tolerated by Mayor & Aldermen of Amsterdam ("B&W of Amsterdam") to deal in soft drugs". They also dealt in hard drugs, enormous amounts of noise, and the repeated threat to "murder you if you do anything we dislike".

I disliked this, and went to the Municipal Authorities of Amsterdam.

Over the course of the next 3 years literally hundreds of Amsterdam civil servants, from very lowly very corrupt ones to very high equally corrupt ones refused to anything for me, and told me I was "a liar".

And over the couse of those 3 years my alread bad health was totally destroyed, and I have been in nearly constant pain these last 10 years.

The disease I have is ME/CFS, which in my case the last 10 years has been "officially recognized", in part because I have an M.A. psychology and am ill since 21 years; in part because I met some really good medical doctors (at long last, 14 years ago, after having been ill for nearly 8 years).

Apart from some English files in "ME in Amsterdam 2000", directed at the European Court of Justice and at Amnesty International, most of the files in this section are in Dutch.

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