P.S. Almost simultaneously with the appearance of "ME in Amsterdam" on my site appeared a book by a local investigative journalist called Jos Verlaan on the decline of law and civilization in Amsterdam, who investigated this topic for 8 years.

His book is called "Chaos aan de Amstel" (the river Amstel is to Amsterdam what the river Thames is to London) and the publisher is SUN Uitgeverij.

It documents in over 200 pages in hairraising detail that all-but-one of the Amsterdam burocratic institutions is totally corrupt and malfunctioning since many years ago the corruption started at a great scale with the mayorship of the drugs-criminal drs. Ed van Thijn (who liked and liks to tell his minions and electorate that "all human beings are of equal value" - from Einstein and Mandela to Eichmann and Van Thijn).

Hence Dutch readers can verify my claims independently - and should also know that I have repeatedly made my claims and handed over my extensive documentary proofs to the Amsterdam District Attorney Vrakking and the Netherlands District Attorneys.

The former let me know in writing that he did not see any reason to do any thing; the latter probably maintain privately that I am a kind of Untermensch: anwers there came none.

In the Dutch papers the last month the latest drugs scandal - there is a new one every month or so: few Dutchmen care, for no one has any hold on the officials in charge, and hardly any Dutchman is willing to risk his life for a matter of legal or moral principle - was that the district attorneys and police undercover agents in fact worked for the drugs mafia and are multi-millionaires on Swiss banks.



I knew the man who posed for this statue: Dirk van Nimwegen.
I knew the man who made the statue: Frits Sieger.
I knew some of the men who organized the strike: my father and grandfather.
I know the reasons for organizing the strike: humanist savage indignation.

Most people who are not Dutchmen do not know about the February-strike of 1941, when especially the population of Amsterdam and environs went on strike against the fascist razzia's on their Jewish neighbors.

Yet this was the only time civilians in a country occupied by fascism publicly protested against the maltreatment of their neighbors.

Within two days the strike was repressed. In July 1941 my father and grandfather were arrested by the Gestapo, and sentenced to the concentration-camp, as "political terrorists".

My grandfather perished there; my father survived nearly 4 years of fascist concentration camp.

My mother at the same time also was in the anti-fascist resistance, and coordinated the support of Jewish Dutchmen who were in hiding for the fascists who were out to destroy them.

One of those hiding in the environs coordinated by my mother was the then about 10 year old Ed van Thijn, the future Mayor of Amsterdam, and the future Andreotti of the Amsterdam mafia.

As for me: Since 1979 I have ME/CFS, which is medically recognized in my case since 1986. Apart from that, I am a philosopher and psychologist, and have (brilliant) academic degrees in these subjects.

This disease ME/CFS , especially if you got it 10 or more years ago, when its existence was not even admitted,  is a life-wrecker.

But I stem from an extra-ordinary family, and while I fell ill in the first year of my academic studies I finally finished them.

This in itself is quite a moral feat, in that I was twice removed - while ill - from the University of Amsterdam by its Board of Directors "because of your outspoken opinions".

I protested against the then current ruling post-modernism in that university, where for 25 years students have been educated in the post-modernist principles that "truth does not exist" (ergo: neither is it true there was an Auschwitz), "all morals are relative" (ergo: if 6 million people were gassed in Auschwitz, this doesn't really matter, except relatively), and "all people are equal" (ergo: you, dear reader, are the equal of Eichmann and of Einstein).

Of course, these Dutch post-modernists will deny this when it is put thus, logically. When I did so 20 years ago these Dutch post-modernists called me "a fascist because" .... "you believe in objective science".

Today the very same post-modernists are prominent members in the Amsterdam leftist political parties ("Labour" and "Green Left"): they are the self-proclaimed equals of the SS and the KGB, and are capable of anything that requires hypocrisy and lies to further their own interests or their parties' interests; they are incapable of honesty, courage, actively maintained moral principles or rational thinking. (Probably it is genetic - a sort of common totalitarian psychopathology suitable to very average intellects of no native human conscience. Even so such people are precisely those that should not get power over others.)

Then, in 1989, while I was still ill and had just been removed for the second time from the UvA (of course in flat contradiction to my human and civil rights), my then landlord farmed out the bottom floor of the house where I lived to the Amsterdam drugs mafia, in the form of a so-called "coffee-shop".

The Amsterdam drugs mafia is since 25 years Amsterdam's richest, most powerful and most dangerous institution, and have become so largely thanks to Ed van Thijn, Mayor of Amsterdam from the early 1980-ies till the middle 1990-ies.

His policy to increase the income of his criminal friends and himself was this:

It was decided by Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam that the selling of soft drugs will be "tolerated" ("gedoogd" in Dutch) by Mayor and Aldermen, while remaining forbidden in law.

The effects were predictable:

The drugs mafia is de facto legalized in Amsterdam, while their source of income, the extra-ordinary high profits on drugs are de facto guaranteed by their political friends' decision to keep drugs illegal.

The correct decision would have been to legalize drugs, thus undercutting the one motive of the drugs dealers: their enormous profits.

But Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam, together with a considerable group of top civil servants, decided it was far more profitable for them to protect the drugs mafia rather than undercut it's basis of existence: the laws that make their trade illegal and their profits enormous.

The drugs Mafiosi my landlord gave the bottom floor coffee shop to caused enormous amounts of noise till deep in the night, and very credibly threatened me with murder - literally: "we shall kill you if you do anything we don't like".

I went to the Amsterdam municipal police. They refused to do anything.

Now, 10 years later, they have been shown to be massively corrupted by the Amsterdam drugs mafia. At the time they told me "If you don't like it in Amsterdam, you can fuck off!"

They didn't deny the existence of the coffee-shop nor its being protected by mayor & aldermen of Amsterdam nor that threatening people with murder is forbidden by law. They simply refused and refused and refused - some 150 times - to do anything. When I grew insistent and pointed out that I was an invalid with a minimum income they told me "If you don't like it in Amsterdam, you can fuck off!"

I went to the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam. They refused to do anything. 

Now, 10 years later, they have been shown to be massively corrupted by the Amsterdam drugs mafia.

The spokesperson ("publieksvoorlieger", in Dutch) of the then mayor Van Thjn, one Noortje van Oostveen, then also sharing his bed I have been credibly told by persons who ought to know, let me know when she heard about my family-background that "you want to blackmail Van Thijn, and so we won't do anything for you".

Over the next three years I protested at least 250 times to prominent Amsterdam civil servants. They refused to do anything. 

Now, 10 years later, they have been shown to be massively corrupted by the Amsterdam drugs mafia.

In 1996 and 1997 I filed a suit for damages with the University of Amsterdam and the Mayor of Amsterdam.

In both cases, the leaders of these institutions - which in Amsterdam always are members of the Dutch Labour Party - refused to even answer my suit, with the sick sadistic joke "we find your style of expression insulting, so we shall not answer you".

These persons apparently believe that they are above the law and above the private initiative of individuals.

The first is true in real life in Amsterdam, the second false, and there is a considerable number of Amsterdam burocrats who must expect a call at their home by myself or my representatives in the future: I shall not be the victim of the drugs-mafia "in the name of the ideals of the February-strike" (for these quoted words are the ever repeated justification of former mafia-mayor Ed van Thijn) - as I have told them 10 years ago, which my life was threatened by their mafia-friends.

Since 1997 both the City of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, both led by prominent members of the Dutch Labour Party, and friends of the Mafia Mayor of Amsterdam Ed van Thijn, have known the contents of the present site in so far as these are in "ME in Amsterdam" (around 3 MB if all is uploaded).

So I have set up this site, with the intention to cash in my damages or punish the criminals whose protection of the Amsterdam drugs mafia cost me nearly my life and 10 years of continuous pain, and sent my mother into "a caring-home", that in the best Dutch tradition requested all her money for some basic care.

The reader should know I am risking my life:

In Amsterdam where drugs are involved there is no law, no decency, and no principle except the law of the jungle. (Thanks to Ed van Thijn, "in the name of the ideals of the February-strike"!).

And while it is true that the drugs dealers who threatened to kill me have been arrested in 1991 with kilo's of cocaine and heroine, it is also true they very probably were hardly punished and are at present at large, and free to do as they please, and will be protected by the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam, to whom it would be highly convenient and pleasing if I were to be killed or would disappear mysteriously.

Finally, it is also true that the same coffee-shop of which the previous owners threatened to kill me is still flourishing, as is my former land-lord, now very probably a drugs-millionaire (on a secret Swiss bank-account).

And it is also true that drs. Ed van Thijn is - still - flourishing, and can be seen on Dutch TV daily, where he speaks at length, in his own words, about his own "responsibility" ("verantweurdelijkheid"), his own "accountability" (aenspraekelijkheid), his own "Jewish identity" and his own "integrity".

I think he is a morally sick man and a political psychopath, and I have a claim of damages of 6 million guilders on him personally, on his family, and on the City of Amsterdam - where my university-education was in Post-Modern leftist fascism; where the Mayor & Aldermen work for the drugs mafia; where the municipal housing department is completely in the hands of the drugs mafia; and where an invalid like me can for three years be terrorized by drugs criminals while mayor, aldermen and municipal police approve and support that terror knowingly, and with sadistic glee: "it is only one indivual and he is ill - so we can do as we please with him".

Maarten Maartensz
Amsterdam, February 25 2000.


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