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M.E. is the name of a disease I have now since January 1, 1979. 

There is some recent - 2003 - medical information about M.E. that is quite interesting.

Unlike many persons with M.E. (a.k.a. CFS, which is a name I don't like much) my disease is "officially and bureaucratically recognized and admitted", but even so I have gotten no help whatsoever in Amsterdam, where I have to try to survive with this disease for 32 years now. The reason I have gotten no help whatsoever from the Amsterdam municipal authorities and their bureaucacy is  very probably because I dared to criticize those who are legally bound to help me, as explained in ME in Amsterdam. And authorities and bureaucrats don't like that.

The main reason that my disease is "officially and bureaucratically recognized and admitted" is that I am ill for so long, because I am qualified academically as a psychologist, and because I fell ill while in the beginning of my student-years, and never had any interest to falsely claim I am ill. But as I said: Being a "bureaucratically recognized and admitted" invalid makes no difference to me, and I must spend 16 hours a day in bed in pain without any help, because this pleases the mayor and aldermen and corrupt bureaucracy of the City of Amsterdam very much, and all help I could get must be approved by these worthies.

And indeed, apart from the drugs-corrupted municipal authorities of Amsterdam, and before I protested against the Dutch drugs-corruption, I have had virtually no help while I am and have been ill since January 1, 1979, and have at most 5% of the energy of a healthy person, and muscle aches much of the time.

The most probable reason for the fact that I also got no help when the drugscorrupted power-Úlite of Amsterdam had no reason to try to wreck my life, is that over the past 25 years in Holland about 1 in a 100 of those who claimed to be ill were really ill, and the remaining 99 abused the health-insurance system, which was excellent for honest people, but now is being terminated because of average Dutch morals. Furthermore, M.E. has no biological marker, and is therefore excellent for malingerers.

Apparently, it completely squares with Dutch morals to treat me, who graduated with the best possible marks from the university, as far more inferior than any junk, for in Amsterdam any junk - even German ones - gets lots of help, free methadon and free heroine, besides other kinds of help, such as free artificial teeth, "to integrate them into Dutch society", whereas for the likes of me there is no place, no help, no support, and interminable discrimination, abuse and hassles from the bureaucracy of Amsterdam.

For I may be ill - the Amsterdam bureaucracy arrogantly agrees - but I dared to protest against the enormous drugscorruption in Amsterdam, where each year literary billions of US dollars are made by the drugsmafia with the help of the mayor, aldermen and bureaucracy of Amsterdam, and "therefore" I am - it seems - in their eyes an inferior criminal, far less worthy of help than any German junk. For any German junk gets help in Amsterdam, decade after decade, which helps them to continue to rob the Amsterdam shopowners and buy hard drugs with the proceeds, whereas I get no help whatsoever, in spite of the fact that I am known to be seriously ill, and have an intellect that may be of some use to others, if only I got some help.

For more, see ME in Amsterdam, though apart from the introduction you need to understand Dutch. And yes: It is a very bitter and very true story. And no, dear foreign reader: Average Dutchmen have great respect for everybody who made lots of money, regardless the means, whereas I am very poor and honest.

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

last update: Nov 2, 2009