12 april 2010


Studies in MEdical Sadism - 7: Professor Simon Wessely's many mental issues (P.S.)


"The greatness of man      
consists in saying what is true,    
and in acting according to Nature."

   "If we believe absurdities,         
     we shall commit atrocities."    

This continues yesterday's Nederlog, in the series Studies in MEdical Sadism, for the instruction of many.

A.  The simple truth

The simple factual truth is that, according to professor Simon Wessely himself:

I am mad IFF professor Simon Wessely is not mad

whence it logically follows that

If I am not mad, then professor Simon Wessely is mad.

And please note: I did not put forward professor Simon Wessely's KCL-teachings(**) that people think themselves sick.

And moreover it logically follows from professor Simon Wessely's KCL-teachings(**) that

X with ME/CFS is mad IFF professor Simon Wessely is not mad

whence it logically follows that

If ANY X with ME/CFS is not mad, then professor Simon Wessely is mad.

Board and Directors of King College, London!

Why do you keep this man as a professor of psychiatry at KCL?

Do you really believe any decent mathematician, logician, philosopher or doctor in real bio-medical medicine accepts the above simple logically valid inferences of your professor of psychiatry etc. Simon Wessely B.Sc. etc.?

Maarten Maartensz
M.Sc. Psy    B.A. Phi


Horror-warning: Doctoral and Pastoral Guidance strongly adviced:

The problem being, alas, that he is this manner of man, pai

Professor Wessely empirically & analytically investigating the true cause of the BS about CFS:

"There's a small number of people
who are almost psychotically obsessed with me.
But I'm used to that.
professor Simon Wessely

although it may be feared by some optimists his sight and mind are so dark that he can't see it for what it really is. (Fraudian Analysis, BS-powered+CBT-ified & GET-activated!)

B. ME-Documentation:

And here is some of the evidence professor Simon Wessely refuses to see, mention, answer or try to refute in any scientific or rational or morally decent manner:

A number of useful and interesting documents relating to ME

Scientific material about ME

                              Subjects + summaries Type Size From
Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf) pdf 154Kb cfids.org

This is by prof. Komaroff (Harvard) and is a brief pdf file that lists ten reasons why ME is not at all "all in the mind" and ME is a real organic disease

Canadian Diagnostic Criteria pdf 529Kb InvestInMe

This is a medical report prepared for the Canadian Government by 14 medical doctors and professors, that is widely regarded as the best medical summary and the most sensible criterions to define ME. This is the full version with additional material. On the net there are various briefer versions. See the next item.

Canadian_Overview pdf 976Kb InvestInMe

This is a more popular and readable version of the last listed Canadian Diagnostic Criteria prepared by two doctors who wrote the Criteria. It provides the best overview of ME for people who did not study medicine.

Dr Byron Hyde's Nightingale ME Definition pdf 98Kb InvestInMe

Dr Hyde treated many patients with ME and prepared in 2007 his own definition for the Gibson Enquiry. This is it.

Dr. Byron Hyde's Little Red Book pdf 143Kb InvestInMe

Dr Hyde's 2006 description of what ME is and isn't.

Dr. Myhill's CFS Book pdf 6.9MB drmyhill

Dr Myhill treated many patients with ME and has developed a specific set of tests and treatments. This is her book about it.

Dr. Myhill's mitochondrial theory pdf 1.6MB IJCEM

Dr Myhill has a specific theory about ME viz. that it is due to a malfunctioning of the energy-pathway in the mitochondria, which is a theory I am myself a bit partial to, because I thought up much the same theory for my complaints in 1987.

Dr. Bell's mitochondrial theory html 29Kb InvestInMe

Dr Bell treated many patients with ME and also developed a theory about it. The above reference is to a html-file. There also is a book on paper by him on his theory, for which see his booklist on his site.

Important sites with much material

InvestInMe InvestInMe: InfoCentreLibrary

This is a well-done extensive site with much material and many pages (left) and a fine collection of html and pdf files (right) part of which is linked on the present page.

Phoenix Rising Phoenix Forums

The left links to a fine site by Cort Johnson, an American with ME for some 30 years, which much material and many files. He also created a forum (right) about ME/CFS which has at present nearly 1500 members, that must be interesting for anybody with ME or with an interest in ME.

David Axford Dr. Ellen Goudsmit

David Axford is an English ex-seaman with over 30 years and an extensive site, on which there are many papers/pages by Dr. Ellen Goudsmit, who is a psychologist with over 30 years of ME.

DoctorMyhill Dr. Myhill's ME-Book

These are the same links as above and are repeated here because especially dr. Myhill's book may be helpful - in some respects - for persons who do not have access to a good medical doctor who is informed about ME.

Hillary Johnson The Why

Hillary Johnson is an American investigative journalist with ME since decades who wrote a fine book about the oddities surrounding ME in the US in the 1980-ies and 90ies. The book is called "The Osler" and the left side gives the link to the site about the book, while the right site gives the text of a lecture by Hillary Johnson in May 2009 that explains and comments some of medical, political and institutional mismanagement of ME.

The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. The medical facts about ME

This is an extensive site hosted in Australia by patients with ME. It is a good systematic overview of the facts about ME.

The controversy around ME

In fact, there are quite a few controversies around ME, but most of them are connected to if not caused by the fact that three groups of mostly psychiatrists - organized around doctor Reeves in the US, doctor Wessely in the UK and doctor Van der Meer in Holland - have succeeded over the last 20 to 30 years in (1) psychosomatizinig ME: according to them it is a psychiatric disorder without somatic basis and (2) manipulating the research funding for ME into the pockets of psychiatrists of their own kind and not into any scientific biomedical research.

This is odd for various reasons four of which are that (a) the theory of Wessely and co. is not properly scientific or rational in any decent sense of the terms "scientific" and "rational"; that (b) there is a lot of excellent biomedical evidence that ME is a real organic disease, as indeed it is according to the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1969; that (c) although not helping persons with ME, as is the normal course for such persons in the US, England and Holland, at least, since decades, surely must be profitable for governments and insurance-companies that want to save money, even so this practice is neither moral, nor medically warranted, nor legally correct, and many persons with ME, that is a real and serious disease according to the WHO and thousands of medical doctors, are without any real medical or social help essentially because a handful of psychiatrists have succeeded in manipulating the health funding and governmental health policies with regards to ME; whereas (d) there are excellent scientific arguments to the effect that the psychosomatic psychiatrists of the Wessely school are mistaken in all their major claims about ME and that their published so called "scientific research" on the subject of ME is scientifically worthless and morally despicable.

This section needs more documentation, but for the moment here are three links

Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)

This is professor Malcom Hooper's 2010 summary of the many arguments against the psychosomatic psychiatric school of Wessely, also with much evidence about the great harm Wessely and his co-workers have done to ill people.


This is professor Malcom Hooper's 2003 argument against the psychosomatic psychiatric school of Wessely, and in defense of many of his patients 

Criona Wilson Sophia and ME

In 2005 Sophia Mirza died, horribly and painfully, after having spend years in bed without help, without being able to speak or sit up, and after having been sectioned and maltreated horribly by co-workers and/or followers of professor Wessely. The link is to the website that her mother Criona Wilson made about her, her disease, death and maltreatment, and is quite impressive, also because everything that happened is given in precise detail.

Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

Not all men nor all psychiatrists are evil, bad or mad, and Eleanor Stein is a psychiatrist who isn't and who wrote a good set of guidelines how a good psychiatrist should react to persons with (apparent) ME.


C. The Liverpool Wesselyan shrinks

The excellent Orla Ni Chomhrai (*) must be almost divine: She is everywhere at same time. Here is the beginning of an amazing thread on the Phoenix Forums about ME

  • Psychiatric Theory in practice: Liverpool CF/CFS Clinic Patient handout

The link is to the beginning of 11 pages at the moment of writing in which Orla quotes and discusses psychiatric pseudo-science at its cruelest, in the Western world, outside rendition-stations, wherever they are.

Here is a post just in on the above thread, that's been growing since March 25, with lots of quotations that show pseudo-psychiatry gone mad - here is a victim of it, introduced by Orla in #104:

#104: Orla : Patient experience

This is an account from one patient who attended the Liverpool Clinic. This was posted on another forum in early 2007. I have permission to repost it here. I am going to try to find out more information about the current situation at the clinic, though it is still run by CBT-school believers. I have put some of the text below in bold to highlight some of it.

Hi, <name removed>, i'm another one that had 'treatment' from Liverpool, and had the same responses from the medical team as you.

Dr X [I know the name, I have removed it] was my consultant prior to his retirement. The first (and only) time I saw him he answered my questions for me - "you sleep during the day" (I didn't, I worked), "you hate your job" (I loved my job and was up for promotion) - clear he had a set stereotype of who has ME.

He sent me on a year long 'treatment' programme run by Doctors in the Liverpool Tropical School of Medicine, consisting of GET/CBT and resetting body clocks.

All the group tried these through the year and put forward reasons why it wasn't working (if they did work, surely this would show up in a year of treatment ) but the Doctors were set on what they believed - this was 'deconditioning' not ME. There was no discussion, and if you weren't on board you were being negative.

We were given tons of their literature around GET/CBT, and how if we 'reset our body clocks' we will sleep better and therefore feel better-simple as that! One guy in the group was a builder lugging around bricks, cement etc every day, he asked how could he be 'deconditioned' doing so much exercise every day!

We were told to do something even on our worst days, even if it was only 3 pedal rotations on an exercise bike (exercise bike was their recommended fitness tool and we were all encouraged to get one or get access to one).

The tone was that after diagnosis, we were in a bit of a 'sorry for ourselves' depression with having ME - all 'treatments' were 'one size fits all regardless if it applied to you or not.

That has been my 'treatment' to date - 7 years on from getting ill, it's tragic. Tragic that when I try and apply for sickness related benefits (having lost my last 3 jobs after relapsing) I have these Doctors giving evidence to DWP about my condition - needless to say this has gone against benefit applications

So if you have ME you hate your job, you're very inactive, you'refeeling sorry for yourself and you sleep erratically by choice.

Note where the enduring cruelty is apart from this cruel treatment with CBT and GET:

  • That has been my 'treatment' to date - 7 years on from getting ill, it's tragic. Tragic that when I try and apply for sickness related benefits (having lost my last 3 jobs after relapsing) I have these Doctors giving evidence to DWP about my condition - needless to say this has gone against benefit applications.

(*) aAn extremely intelligent and brave Irish woman who, like everybody else writing in the following text, has been and is ill since many years with ME.

(**) KCL = King's College London, an English university where Wessely teaches.

Maarten Maartensz

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