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This is a statement on the copyrights of the files in the ME - Resources sections of the site of Maarten Maartensz (B.A. phi, M.Sc. psy):

  • I have ME since 1.1.1979 and have received NO special help, benefits, assistance or any help whatsoever with my serious illness, and have instead received decades of discrimination, that in effect knowingly - it was done by medical people or by bureaucrats - to destroy my human rights, to defame and destroy my human integrity and dignity, to shut up my protests, and to please the sadistical perversions for those who did this (for as a psychologist with a magna cum laude degree in that science, one of my conclusions is that many psychotherapists and medical doctors became or remain such because they are in love with power, because persons in their roles have more power over patients than anybody else outside torture chambers).

  • The ME - RESOURCES-section of my site provide resources that I found on the internet, that were put there - mostly, not always - to help patients with ME. My position on the eventual copyrights of each and all of these files is this

    • The text of the files belongs to those who wrote the texts as their intellectual property: it is not mine

    • The files are here because I regard them as useful for patients with ME and in particular for myself

    • The files are here in copied form because I want to have them also if they were removed from such sites as I found them

    • I have not inquired with site-owners were I found these files in order to ask permissions, because I am 60, ill for 32 years, constantly exhausted and in pain, and have better things to do than provide bureaucratic or lawyer types with reasons to do their thing

    • In any case, I am regards most things on the internet an open source person i.e. want things to be free and open like personal communication, where people also don't pay for the pleasure of communicating with one

    • If someone who is listed as author (!) of the files on this site wants to see them removed from this site they can mail me: I'll probably do so, and leave in their stead the mail or mails requesting this, with my own comments

    • The exception are files by anyone I regard as a medical sadist or bureaucratical sadist, in which case my answer is: "Over my dead body".

  • I do owe A BIG THANK YOU to the fast majority of the authors of the files one can find in my RESOURCES-files because they have helped me and many patients with ME

  • There are some files in the RESOURCES I regard as pseudo-science or moral rot. The authors of these files will have to go to court to have them removed from my site, and anyway can count on my contemptuous anger, if necessary for my own defense not limited to such measures as the Dutch laws which now for 32 years dealt with me as a person without human rights, without right on being answered by drugscorrupt authorities, also outside the boundaries the law imposes: I have no truck with a legal or political system like that of Holland were the drugsmafia has been protected four decades now by top lawyers, corrupt or incompetent judge and district attorneys, corrupt policemen, and degenerate consiglieri of the local drugsmafia who also are alderman, mayor or council-member. (*)

Final statement: The only reason to include this file and this text is that there are quite a few of bureaucratical, legal, medical, psychological and psychiatric types surrounding patients with ME who I regard as disgusting inhuman rotters, who have allowed themselves to dole out the most cruel treatments against people with ME, an against whom by my lights anything is allowed since no legal, medical or psychological professional organization seems to do or have done anything to preserve the rights of patients and have done much either actively or by tacit consent, to cause them pain and misery or hound them into suicide.

The reason for this last paragraph are e.g. here

  • ME: ME and Human Rights

  • 'She went into a hellhole': A mother's candid account of her daughter's battle with ME - Interview with Sophia Mirza's mother in Daily Mail
    (publ. May 16 2010)

and in the following list of my own writings:


(*) My reasons for putting it thus is that I have been forced to survive from 1988, when I was first gassed and first threatened with murder, with then improving mild ME, to 1992 above "an Amsterdam coffeeshop" instituted by Mayor Ed van Thijn in the house where I lived, without consulting me or anyone, to deal in illegal drugs, illegal murder threats and illegal attempts to murder me because of my protests and very uncommon courage. By 1992 I had severe ME, which I still have. There is no help in Amsterdam and there will be no help for me in Holland, until there is a revolution in which most of Amsterdam's bureaucracy are hanged or shot - and the reason is that every Amsterdam bureaucrat knows himself or herself to stand above the law, to be functionally anonymous (you talk with "John", "Petra" etc. and not with real persons with a name, address, education and income in Amsterdam when phoning with the willing executioners of the mayor and the mafia of Amsterdam) who can read from his screen who you are, where you live, how much you earn, what is your medical history and credit rating, when and what you were convicted for, and what anonymous complaints your neighbours were kind enough to phone in) and to have no personal responsibility or accountability whatsoever in modern Dutch law, for thus the Dutch Supreme Court judged some 10 years ago in the so-called Pikmeer arrest: No Dutch civil servant ever can be made responsible for anything whatsoever, as long as it was done on order by superiors, just as in Nazi-Germany (where it was known as "Befehl ist Befehl").

Maarten Maartensz

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