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Maarten, you might be of the opinion that 'NLP' (which LP is based upon) has absolutely no value in the world whatsoever...
But I'm sure that many people in the world have found NLP to be useful...
It is not something that I am attracted to, but many are.

In terms of NLP being applied specifically to ME in the Lightning Process, I would say to you: if people have experienced significant recovery from LP, then I can't see how you can say "it is bad for you"... Bad for who? Bad for those who have experienced recovery?

If you don't believe that any person has experienced recovery due to LP, then how do you explain all of the success stories? If you believe that LP can't possibly help anyone who has been diagnosed with ME using the Canadian criteria, then it might be better to explain this clearly, and explain why you believe this, rather making accusations against anyone who has a different opinion to you.

A billion Maoists, a billion Catholics and a billion Muslims, all ecstatic about their beliefs, just can't be wrong, Bob, I know...

What were your qualifications? O, none... and no, I am just trying to shut up these underhanded ads and defenses of the integrity of someting that is obviously rotten to the core.