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    May 5, 2010




Martin Gardner: One horse laugh is worth 10.000 syllogisms

The title says all, and for LP anything but a horse laugh, contempt, cynicism, sarcasm and out of hand dismissal as obvious brainwashing is just too much honor.

And clearly, there are LP-trolls - ME Agenda was vampired by one or two of them - who just want EXPOSURE of LP, "scienteefeecally" "objective" of course, without personal criticism, of course...

Well: For obvious cults and con-games that's just not on, with me.

Indeed, I think a psychologist MUST protest this, and is - or at least was - required to do so in Holland: Protest quackery, including psycho-quackery.

As to Martin Gardner: Great author, and I recommend everyone interested in excellent writing, in "scienteefeec" versus scientific reasoning, and/or cults and psycho-quackery these books

* Fads and fallacies in the name of science
* Science: Good, bad and bogus

Both crammed with pertinent excellently written, quite often funny argument.

LP only deserves to be laughed out of court, where it not for the fact that it is such a con game.

To have some anonymous Sir Bob here calling for "scienteefeecally" discussing the merits of LP stinks sky high, in this logical psychologist's nostrils - indeed, about as much as "scienteefeecally" discussing the merits of Maoism.

Also, I absolutely refuse the parameters of rational discussion set to irrationality by someone I don't know, don't trust, and can't see the qualifications of.

But sure, he MAY mean well. He peddles nonsense though, for my money, and I have the degrees to back it up.

LP is a scam, and warrants "objective argumentation free from personal criticism" about as much as does the mafia.

Best wishes,


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