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Maarten, I don't think Bob is a troll or LP promoter. He criticised LP before when it was being promoted by the original article in the "Recovery" section/Cort's blog. He had a post here which summarised some of the concerns people had raised


I don't agree with some of the points he is making re how to argue about LP, but that doesn't make him a troll,


I don't know, and I am coming to get very sick of functionally anonymous persons sounding like they are or may be. As to Sir Bob's long post:

After reading this, in the beginning

But we have absolutely no idea what percentage of ME/CFS patients might potentially be helped by The Lightning Process, and what percentage would be made worse by it, as there have been no independent studies carried out...

I am out: Brainwashing is not good for you, whoever you are, whatever your complaints. And yes, of course it "works": Millions of Maoists showed so.

You are quite right it has all the marks of a cult, and I am just not going to pretend to discuss this scienteefeecally with someone who (i) doesn't really know how to argue (sorry Bob: I have the diplomas) and, time and again, refuses to say what makes him so qualified for scienteefeec arguments about LP...

Two more points:

1) Many people fall for flattery, like being told how awfully intelligent they are, as long as they are not personal with it, to be sure. I don't, and recommend others the same.
2) There is no rational point to "scienteefeecally" discuss the merits of LP, Bagwan, Scientology, or Wesselyanism: It's all lies and it all involves forced brainwashing of some kind at some point.

That is one reason I think Sir Bob may be trolling, though I am personally often with the Lord's Son - "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they do".

However, in a case as F'ingly obviously fraudulent as LP I really don't know what to think, also since the gentleman keeps being remarkably coy about his qualifications.

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P.S. Please remember trolls mix the good with the bad, flatter a lot, are intentionally obscure about themselves, shift tack all the time, and don't like personal criticism. Also, they just LOVE the flattery of We and Us and Must, scienteefeecally no less - but if a qualified scientist asks them about their qualifications, time and again, suddenly their scienteefeecality remains hidden, perhaps because it is personal just like my summa cum laude in psychology+logic is completely personal also.

And unfortunately, the rules for this forum are not well thought out, and some of the moderators of this forum... well, see elsewhere, as regards my masculinity as objectively viewed by A Moderator Of This Forum.