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Well, I think that I have made some very legitimate arguments...
And my words speak for themselves, so I don't need to defend myself.

If you don't agree with my arguments, and my points of view, then that's absolutely your right.
If you want to discuss the issues, then I will happily engage with you, but otherwise, I will not continue to respond to personal criticism and sarcasm.

I can't see the need for getting personal, and for sarcasm.

I can, and have the qualifications for it:


I still am waiting to hear what makes YOU qualified to speak about LP - and meanwhile mention ME Agenda's excellent point (on another thread, I think) that she switched off comments on her site after being tricked by an LP-advertiser, who seem to track and troll patients forums and advocates for them, so as to insist that, rationally and scienteeefeeecally, one should see both sides now as regards LP....

Also, sir: Why do YOU accept personal testimony of LPed victims, knowing that they signed away their rights and pledged to lie in public about the merits of LP?

As to sarcasm, sir: Check out my site... you ain't seen nothing yet, of yours truly,

drs. Maarten Maartensz (a psychologist who says LP is dangerous brainwashing)


"If LP|Brainwashing works for an individual then there's no point us getting personal about it." - Sir Bob, slightly extended.