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You might not agree with my arguments, and that's fine by me...
but you haven't addressed my arguments... you have just attacked me personally.
I request that you delete your messages which attack me personally.


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Making money with LP is personal; having ME is personal; argueing is personal; argueing in a two-time trolling way "we've gotta see both sides now" is personal; my pain, poverty, discrimination and ill-treatment are personal, and you personally fail to respond personally as to why a psychologist like Gerwyn or me should take you serious.

Personally - not speaking for Gerwyn - I can't take you serious AT ALL until you indicate your qualifications to discuss psychological topics seriously.

I request you state clearly what makes you qualified, and I state you are either dumb or dishonest: If you can't see the above is an argument against your false arguments to the effect that one has no right to criticize persons - how nice and convenient! - well...