Hi Jennie,
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Criticism of an organization's programs is fair game. Potshots are not. Are you suggesting that "hateration" is within the forum rules?

I think you are usually fair and do your best and don't envy your position between Scylla and Charybdis, but as I am probably moving out of here mostly because the way this forum is moderated (dishonestly, falsely) and treat a number of persons on this forum in my own way on my site...

...here an observation for you in re Ms. Cleary (sorry if misspelled): I find it odd someone is soooo long "in service", with such little acclaim, let's say, by US patients with ME that I have read, and such nonsense on the CAA website (though I can explain that from doctors academic habits, is true, to a considerable extent) that I would myself be very angry, if I were American, that Ms Cleary nets $ 180.000 whereas Koan and others must live from $ 100 a month, after necessary other payments.

However... having run into moderators who want me off here, I'll be discussing this manner of things on my site rather than on this, where I am forbidden to mention my own country as it deserves to be known, by a moderator who...

I get sick, but not just by 100 : 10.000 or so proportional difference in Human Value as expressed by disposable income, US style.

For clarity's sake: After necessary payments I must live on $100 a week (not a month), in a place where one decent bread costs $4 and one decent paper (loose sale) $2 a day.