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  May 3, 2010



Having ME in Amsterdam, being me...

Hi Mark,

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Moderator note: Maarten these last few posts about Holland have nothing to do with the CAA, which is the subject of this thread of course, and the majority of them have nothing to do with ME/CFS. The part that does concern ME/CFS, referring to your website, doesn't seem to have anything to do with this thread either. Some of the comments are also clearly offensive to Dutch people and the posts are in breach of several forum rules. Please would you remove these two posts, you may post them on your own site of course but it isn't appropriate here. If you don't remove the inappropriate material soon I will delete both posts in their entirety, this material just isn't appropriate here.

Well... what shall I say...

I have just downloaded it and will put it on my site and if you think so you should do so.

I don't mind but for two points

(1) I want this answer retained, with a link to my site: maartensz.org
(2) i.a. because in my case having ME has effectively long since turned out to be political and legal, and tied in varous way to Dutch and especially Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam's politics and education. That is just a particular fact of my having ME, that I also wish were different but is not. (It is for example the reason why I get no effective help whatsoever, in spite of being medically diagnosed by a specialist as having it for 32 years - for one example.)

But if you think as you do, and as clearly PR wouldn't want to be "offensive to Dutch people" - {me} (who doesn't really mind, Mark, so don't worry, modulo as per this text ), do as you say (as Multatuli also would have said ;).

Best wishes,


P.S. I will also want to link in the particular page with my removed texts. Not to worry, just documentation.

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