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  May 3, 2010




Exercise-evidence + ME-RESOURCES

Hello all,

As many readers of this thread may know I own a large website or two since 1996 (>250 MB now, mostly text) of which the main one is

maartensz.org (and the other one a mirror in another country)

Likewise, since I happen to have ME since 1.1.1979 there is some material on ME there, though most that is there is in Dutch, goes by the title ME in Amsterdam and can be found here

ME in Amsterdam

that in fact deals with having ME and being me myself in the context of university, Amsterdam and Dutch politics, and the steep decline of education and the standards of education in Holland (and the West) since some 40 years.

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

Anyway... here is some brief news about two of my projects: (**)

1. Exercise-evidence:

There is a looooong thread to a good extennt related to material of the CAA on exercise and psychoptherapy for persons with ME (GET and CBT, in particular) that starts here

Time for the Big Talk. How's the CAA doing?

and today has 1714 posts, whence my earlier "looooong".

This thread contains a whole lot of well-articulated personal evidence and empirical, logical and scientific argument by persons with ME about the claimed benefits of 'exercise' for persons with ME; about what it is like to have ME/CFS; about the effects on and theories of GET and CBT for persons with ME, and also about much more.

In April of this year _Kim_ has taken the trouble to read through much of this thread so as to collect the evidence of the patients with ME (on Phoenix Rising - but then this is a LARGE forum with very many well educated, well writing persons with ME) and started a thread to do just that, that starts here

Excerpts: Exercise quotes from the Big Talk

What I have done is rework the three pages that _Kim_ collected into one file of reasonably well-formatted html. The result is here for the moment (and will soon also be in my ME-section, since I regard such honest and unformatted well-informed evidence by patients with ME important):

ME: On 'exercise as therapy for ME' : The patients' evidence

Note this is 490 Kb of html (so it loads sloooowly if one has a slow connection), but it has the merit of having the evidence _Kim_ collected from the evidence and arguments the members of the PR-forums wrote in ONE file of tolerably clear html, that also probably prints better on paper than do the files on this site that contain quotes.

2. ME-Resources

In the beginning of April I proposed effectively that the PR-forums should try to collect its own RESOURCES:


There was some PMing and private EMing involved, but for various reasons this did not turn into a group effort. Reconsidering it, it seems now to me that I better do it myself on my own site, and then propose that to PR once it is in tolerable shape, e.g. for copying or reworking for the purposes of the PR-sites.

I now have made a beginning here:


This is only a small part of what I have in mind, but it does already provide a fair collection of good pdf-files about ME/CS, and seems to serve the needs of some, since there were quite a few downloads from it.

Best wishes,


P.S. Who hopes to be doing the same sort of thing as done with the Exercise-thread by _Kim_ for the Liverpool_Shrinks-thread by Orla the coming days or week, depending on my energy.

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

On a fundamental problem in ethics and morals

(As it happens, the above is the most popular file on my site since years.)

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