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  May 2, 2010




Hi LostInTheEditor

Hi LostInTheEditor

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This is frustrating. I have lost several long posts to this thread in the last day. Must be brief or i will loose this. Hope to get real internet of some sort soon. The biggest thing to remember is that we are all different. We can suggest things but each must try for themselves according to their own experience and judgement. Some things have worked out for me others have been disasters. There are some things that cannot be outgassed or practically sealed enough for me that others can tolerate. There are also some things that i do well with that others cannot tolerate. It makes it very hard for mcs folks to share housing. This is much shorter maybe it will make it. S

Right you are... and as to this vB editor-horror .... a tip, acquired myself with pain & rage:

If I want to write a longer post or PM or have written one and not sent it yet AND I am not to F'd to remember it I write it in or copy it to another editor just to be save rather than sorry and to have a better editor to write it in...

... has saved some I wrote several times

Best wishes,

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