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I think you put it very well in a nutshell. I like it. It is loud and clear

Thank you - and indeed Wessely + KCL are not the only one's involved, nor is ME/CFS the only disease involved:

The DSM-5 seems to be going to be along these lines (1), (2), (3) I sketched in my previous post as well, and there is a whole professorial psychiatric congretation - as ME Agenda's sites and postings show - involved in it as well, for easily understood financial reasons as well (by which I don't mean they are paid by health-insurance, though in fact I suppose they are, but that they try to get as many jobs + incomes in the health-industry reserved to psychos of their own kind & class).

Personally, I think the DSM-5 is quite worrisome, and much that happens around it - thanks Suzy, for documenting it! - is very dishonest and dangerous.

If this continues, say as in England and Holland, there will be in 5 or 10 years time effectively two classes of patients:

A. Those on Wessely's, Brown's and bankmanagers' levels - the top 5% or so - with the money to afford real medical science, for the problems that plague them or their family members
B. The rest of the population, without the money to afford real medical science, kept alive or driven to suicide with ibuprofen against pain and CBT for the rest.

And whereas I do not believe in conspiracy-theories, I do believe this end must be quite clear and well-liked by the psychiatric choirmembers of Wessely's Congregation, such as the Danish Fink.

And for one example:

Here in Holland I am supposedly forced to outline my medical problems, educational background, stance in life, address, insurance, age, validity of my insurance-pass a.s.o. in the royal ten minutes the functionally insane Dutch minister of health Ab Klink has imposed on Dutch G.P.'s, who almost to a man, did not protest. If I read some posts of US-members in this forum, in the US you get 5 minutes to do this, followed by a bill for your month's income... as if the patients exist to maintain incompetent medics!

It does suggest, alas, that the majority of medical doctors are in it only for the money, for else they would have protested for the sake of science or for the sake of their patients.

But no... hardly a voice of protest, that I am aware of, at least, in Holland, Europe's Haven of Collaborators ("Doe maar GEWOOOON, dan doe je al GEK genoeoeoeoeoeg" - blagh: wish I lived elsewhere than in this nation of totalitarian dumbo's proud to be totalitarian dumbo's. O, and in case you wanted to qualify: "in majority"....yes, but that's bad enough.)

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P.S. "Doe maar GEWOOOON, dan doe je al GEK genoeoeoeoeoeg" = The One Moral Norm every cloggie but 1 in 10.000 swears by, since the times the Dutch got rich by piracy, slavery and colonialism and as they practised in WW II and in front of Srebrenica: "Act NORMAL, then you act MAD enough"