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My ME/CFS kid has a chipped tooth and needs to see the dentist. I'm afraid there may be lots of caries needing fillings, too.

The question is: given our sensitivity to medicines and anesthesia, what to do for comfort during dental work?

What's safe? What's effective? Please post advice and/or share experiences, good and bad. I'll be calling our (new) dentist on Monday to make an appointment.

Thanks, all!

~ Creek

FWIW (and since you and family have symptoms much like me): I had to have several teeth pulled a few months ago; had a good dentist; and standard painkilling (one doesn't really want a teeth with 4 roots, as happens in my case, pulled without painkillers).

I had worried before having this done, but weathered it all remarkably well (and having had teeth-work - root canal job - done before, also with ME: It still is amazing to me what a dentist can do to one's mouth while one doesn't feel a thing).

However, this is only personal and anecdotal evidence.

Best wishes,