Hi Suzy,

I agree, though I suppose Cort will say something along the lines of amygdala-training or EST and to the effect that Frivold meant to refer to persons outside the PR-Forums, which is all as may be, for my money.

I snip most of what I agree with or wonder about too, to quote what seems most relevant to me:

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Absolutely, Bob, it is a very provocative piece; I also object very strongly to the inference that discussions have been "malignant". If Dr Frivold is referring to discussions that have taken place elsewhere then he should provide references so that we are able to evaluate his views on the level of discussion taking place elsewhere.

Concerns about exposing young children to a "training program" when no RCTs have been conducted and published on LP in adults are very legitimate concerns which is why specific ethical guidelines are developed for research in vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.
This is not a balanced report from a medical professional around the safety and efficacy of the application of an unregulated "training program" and a consideration of the ethical issues around the use of a vulnerable research group, when no rigorous adult controlled trials have been undertaken [1]. It is a frequently provocative opinion piece written by a non ME and CFS specialist whose wife is now a licensed LP practitioner, herself.


Suzy Chapman

My main problems with this LP-nonsense and MD Frivold are

  • LP sounds to this psychologist as a set of totally sick and false brainwashing techniques
  •  it is definitely unethical and quite possibly illegal on its 'patients' signing away rights
  • it is definitely unethical and quite possibly illegal in exposing children to brainwashing techniques
  • it involves a variant of GET (forced exercise for the ill) and a variant of CBT (brainwashing, lying)
  • Frivold MD + wife have an active financial interest, no evidence, no proof and a lot of baloney to peddle

And I too want ads for LP as little on the PR-forums as ads for scientology or Uri Geller or miracle cures from ME through prayer. Or indeed as ads for EST or Amygdala-therapy. They may be discussed, of course, but not on the pattern

"Let's all have an open mind and start to seriously and honestly consider the hypothesis that the earth is flat, and that really believing the earth is flat cures you not only from ME and CFS but also from XMRV, cancer and ALL of lifes problems and miseries, and that for a mere few thousands of pounds for the Blessed Participants - and don't you dare scoff, for that is not polite nor fair..."

This LP-nonsense is the grossest bit of psycho-nonsense put on the market for the benefit of its peddlers since scientology, as far as I know.

Maarten (waking up).