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Thought already that is a Dutch named (from the Russian)...

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A few days ago I read an article about how Frank van Kuppenveld, researcher in the Radboud hospital in Holland, interpreted the differences in studies: in the US they should have taken blood from a group of people which is not reprentif for the biggest part of cfs-ers, because in Nijmegen they didn't find the virus in de samples. After that they did new research in the US with the same bloodsamples from Nijmegen, and found again the XMRS- virus. Van Kuppenveld says that the bloodsamples from Nijmegen should be polluted in the US.
http://www.mecvs.net/module-ME_CVS_d...1-pid-539.html (fot the people who speak Dutch).

I've laughed my ass off.

Thanks for finding it. This is better than in "de Volkskrant" that Lansbergen earlier found. The Van Kuppeveld take seems to be that he smears the WPI for smearing The Dutch Blood From Nijmegen: Polluted bodily juices, again.

Van Kuppeveld voelt zich geenszins in verlegenheid gebracht, omdat hij op zijn beurt denkt dat juist de Amerikanen het Nijmeegse bloed hebben vervuild.
Van Kuppeveld doesn't feel troubled at all, because he in his turn thinks that it is precisely the Americans that have polluted the Nijmegian blood".

It indeed is ludicrous: "the Americans that have polluted the Nijmegian blood". Next step: "Because they're Jewish", or what?! Or Calimero's complaint: "You American baddies dare to criticize our poor weenie small ducklings, you meanies, you..."

Science The Nijmegian Way. Take heart Board of Directors of Nijmegen University! Intelligent Nijmegians: Avoid studying there, if your IQ is higher than 115, that is!

Mandarijntjes met een IQ van 118

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