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  May 1, 2010





Hi Gerwyn,

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Sorry Maarten .They at least made a show of making a charge and going through the motions of a trial even though the outcome was predetermined.The GMC did not even bother to do that!

Hmm... 'they' - Stalin's henchmen - did. Sometimes, like in 1937, with carefully tortured persons, surrounded by a myriad of their torturers dressed up as 'public'. Or they ended, without trial, hung on a fleshhook, as Stalin's one time planned successor Kuznetsov.

But I do understand, Gerwyn, why you would be very angry indeed, owing a lot to Dr. Myhill also. I merely remark as I remark - this time marked OT - because it is of a bit of importance to keep one's perspective factually adequate: England does seem to me a much worse country than in the early seventies, when I briefly lived there, and it is sliding in the direction of a sort of totalitarianism in the wake of 9/11, as is Holland, but it is not yet a totalitarian country.

And I do agree the GMC-decision is very, very bad, also from the point of view of being a medical doctor according to the best of one's abilities and conscience, regardless of ME/CFS: This sort of nonsense threatens all non-conformist - to the GMC, to prevailing 'wisdom' - medical practice, in principle.

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