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It's a bit an iffy if but haven't I seen those legs before ?! And I say, how can one call you "Shrew" or "Bury" or "SB"? Puzzled, but that may be the linguistically challenged me or ME (in me):
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I'm enjoying learning a bit about Norwegian along the way here. Hope123, it looks like you're getting help here already, but ffr Diagnose Support has some great translators. http://www.diagnosesupport.com/health/

I've seen Chinese who speak different dialects basically talking with their hands, writing the words with one finger on the palm of the other as the dialects are often mutually incomprehensive, but the writing is the same. Very cool.

Reminiscensing on:

Norwegian has tonal qualities as in Chinese, and a nice sing-song about it (excuse my French, Jonathan ;). Also, it has the great merits of being very brief - briefer than English which is briefer than Dutch which is briefer than German - and having a clear and simple grammar (well... one of the two ;). Also, it has some fine liiterature.

As to Chinese: These Chinese you saw were the happy few who could write, then! They're pretty amazing, the Chinese, for lots of reasons, and Needham's


is amazing too (and extensive: read only part, alas).

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