"License to kill"

Possibly a bit off topic but quite relevant anyhow, since it also offers possibilities in England, it seems:

My ex and I - both ME/CFS since 32 years - must have seen between 50 and a 100 medical doctors together and collectively for what ailed us. Now, as it happens (i) I didn't know about the existence of ME in most of these cases, but the symptoms my ex and I listed turn, after the fact, to have been straight Canada Criterions stuff while (ii) none of these medical worthies, and in spite of ME/CFS being in their medical books since 1970 at the latest, found anything other than that they found nothing that they knew was in their books, for which reason quite a few concluded as 'twere omniscientifically gifted that 'it must be psychosomatic' (usually but not always).

As it happens, I am neither shy nor stupid and I have never met a medical doctor with a ghost of a chance of reasoning better than I do. As it also happens, I am rather polite (and at some distance) normally, but evidently so verbally gifted that medical doctors must really be in the very low IQ-group to want to start criticizing me (there were two idiots as demented to do so last August, when I was in search of a new decent G.P. who are remembering me bitterly now and will do so much more soon: I want them removed from their jobs and fields forever).

However... if I had been rich, I would have gotten most Dutch doctors I've seen over the last 32 years in relation with ME/CFS for the Dutch Medical Council as being thoroughly unfit to practice medicine and as fit to be thrown out of their jobs permanently. (If I had been rich, I'd very probably seen other and much better doctors, but that is hardly relevant if also true.)

My reason is especially that most of the medical doctors I've seen, mostly G.P.s next to quite a few internal medicine guys I had been referred to by G.P.s, made a distinctly dim impression on me, which is to say that I would not want them as my doctor having seen and talked to them because they evidently were in what I regard as the low end of academic ability, and what they said to me, in their capacities as medical doctors, was simply obvious intellectual and medical rot. (And also no medical doctor or psycho will ever convince me they "know the human mind': Generally they don't even know the science, philosophy or methodology to even start thinking rationally about how the human brain's working is related to human experience. For if they were, they would've been far less pretentious, false and phony.)

HOWEVER... if ALL it takes in England to get a medical idiot turned out of medical business is an anonymous mail from an internet cafe, I think there are interesting possibilities in principle

What has kept me from legally haunting quite a few Dutch quacks I've met are only financial costs and my physical health, for otherwise I'd collected quite a few medical scalps and would have saved a large number of patients falling in the lying and incompetent hands of quite a few evidently lousy and lying Dutch medical doctors I've met.

And now I'd really want to know how to set the GMC on the trail of messrs. Wessely, White and Sharpe, in view of their totally insane utterances about and medical prescriptions for ME/CFS, namely of CBT and GET, and have them removed from practising medicine for being a a proven major danger to tenthousands of patients and of prescribing, acting and behaving since decades, consciously also, against the rulings of the World Health Organization.

Also, I'd like to see a count made of the number of patients with ME in Great Britain who were sectioned, who were driven to suicide, who were dealt with as Sophia Mirza was dealt with (torture in my book, of extremely sickening dimensions also).

Furthermore, since what is on a website seems sufficient, it seems the KCL-website might do for this: I don't think King's College London needs ANY financial support from Her Majesty's Government, since King's College London has professors on its staff with a "License to kill" patients, in British medical practice, it has turned out. And universities who tolerate this should be closed as universities asap.

Is there anybody who can get me pictures and names of the worthies that are at the top of KCL? Its Board of Directors, or whatever the Brits call these? I do think they may need a little satirical prodding to get moved into action, but I'd be amazed up to heart attack to read of ANY decent physicist, biochemist or mathematician who reads Wessely's baloney without knowing and thinking it utter bilge.

If the professors at KCL want to be colleagues with psychiatric loons, I am glad to draw the attention of the readers of my sites to it, also to boost these professors' own academic status, careers and chances and their reputation among rational scientific men and women

Finally, two general points:

As to Dr. Myhill... personally, my inclination is to wait a couple of days or a week, to see what she herself says, since she knows her own situation best, and also must be much better clued up on her possibilities to defend herself (albeit that I fear that the formalities thereof are much limited in practice by their financial costs).

As to turning to action from PR: A good idea in principle, but it does seem to need some planning and behind the scenes organisation, and I also like to move carefully on this, also in view of Dr. Myhill's personal interests and concerns.

Maarten (still waking up, hence somewhat dim: this text may have more typos than I know consciously )