Looking MUCH younger

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Same here, at least, for the most part - and this is an interesting topic:
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I am 62 and I'm often taken for 45-50. Some have insisted I must be joking when I tell my age. I've never smoked, but did and do drink, mostly wine, which I'm sure is good for health, in moderation. I didn't avoid the sun until I did the Marshall Protocol, and I had lots of sunburn as a child and teenager. I do avoid it now.

I stopped eating refined flour and any sugar more than 30 years ago, don't eat red meat, eat lots of veggies and fruits and nuts and seeds, which have the best oils. I avoid prepared foods with artificial coloring and flavoring and other chemicals. I'm an organic gardener and grow some of what I eat. I start my day with a big mug of coffee and I drink tea, mostly green tea, regularly. I use a lot of herbs, garlic, onion and spices in my cooking. Many of the herbs come from my garden, so they're fresh.

My parents are still fairly healthy and independent in their late 80's. And yes, I look younger than my younger siblings. People have asked if I'm the younger sister of my 3 younger brothers. I haven't worn makeup since I became disabled, but I do henna my hair, which is white on top only.

My guy is 16 years younger than I and people usually assume he's older than I. Or, just that I'm younger than I am.

I still feel like I'm about 90 most of the time. I've had CFIDS for 28 years, almost half my life. I'm mentally and emotionally ready to die at any time, but the body just won't give up.

- When I was 42 a woman (with designs on me) choked in her drink and fell off her barstool since she had taken me for 22 (ca. her own age)
- I now look as I did at 42 except that I have a little grey in my hair (not much)
- I smoke and smoked but hardly ever drink alcohol and never have been drunk (don't like the stuff)
- no sagging nor lining in my face (but 25 years of vitamin-supplements in my body)
- I eat meat but avoid most grains; I much dislike spuds (the bread I eat is made from rice)
- Being a straight male I don't paint myself (so it's also not due to that ;)
- I have lived with much younger women

I have 32 years of ME now (over half my life) but wasn't aware this is much like a symptom ('in some subset') till being on this list & thread, although it is obvious to me since around 30 years ago (when I was 30) that age didn't seem to progress in me.

Also, like Oerganix I suppose, but from the male perspective, it adds some considerable ironies to one's lifes to look at the inviting smiles and banter of much younger person from the diviner half of the species, knowing that one feels 45 years older than one looks and can walk a few hundred meters on a fairly good day.

Finally, this is one of the reasons that suggests to me that the best explanation for this (as I assumed anyway for my appearance) is genetical (and very well may be related to the cause of ME, probably in an indirect way).

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P.S. O, and my maternal grandparents indeed got quite old, whereas my paternal grandparents were murdered in a concentration camp or disappeared with unknown destination. I do hope to live another 35 years, provided my health doesn't get worse and my brain keeps working, for I'd like to find out about ME, write out a lot of philosophy and logic that exists as notes mainly and only, and see to it that Wessely, White, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer etc. really get what they deserve. Who knows ;)

ETA: O forgot: Ever since a small child I have avoided the sun and disliked warm weather, and got more easily sunburnt than my brother, who has red hair (or had, rather: progress of age in his case).