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Here are some comments from someone from a PM

One thing I'd add to the need list is software testers - something, time and energy permitting, I can do - I've done it before. My thought would be you would get at least a best release (possibly alpha too?) that has to be pass testing prior to closing out the effort and making (final?) payment.

I think you're going to want to have and a bug tracking capability, first for the coder, then the testers and maybe even the users. Even experienced testers are not always good at documenting the problems.

A Wiki might be one way to pull a bunch of tools (to possibly include project information, code management, bug tracking, schedule tracking, etc) under one umbrella and is something many developers are using to setting up/configuring
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Eeeek !!

I've been there, on programmers forums with pros and it didn't work well easily soon and even then...

FAR too technical for PR.

And anyway... if we are dreaming anyway about infinite energy and unfogged memory- and brain-space: You can program, I can program, the person who mailed seems to be able to program, there may be more on the list... (Mark? TomK? CBS? anybody thus linguistically afflicted - Creekfeet?! ) ... and one logical possibility (apart from what I EM'd Cort about) is to do it ourselves, open source, in e.g. FreeBasic, which is open source Basic, in a tolerable Pascal-like form, free and gratis, in active development, really not difficult (modulo brainfog)...

In the not so short run, that ought to be doable, and I know my way with FreeBasic fairly well and like programming in it because it is simple, it works, it is clear AND it is well-documented by means of a fine programming editor and development environment. (If I sound like an ad: It isn't and the folks developing and maintaining it are doing it all for free and sharing it all for free... full open source and free.)

Just a logical possibility (and take a look at FB, Cort: I think you'll find it a big relief compared to C#!) - and the great advantage of having our own source code and compiler is that we can tweak, extend and alter it as desired - given sufficient health, that is. (But programmatically, Cort, what you specified is no rocket science... and much of what is needed, such as code for graphs, charts (bar and pie a.s.o.), plotting and statistics simply exists on the net, for many open source programming efforts, gratis, only in need of tweaking for one's own ends...

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