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I'll check the page from time to time to see whether the

"Preliminary programme and List of Participants"

is made available.


Very good - and I like your new "blurb" above your rag doll image: ME agenda's sites are to be highly recommended to anyone interested in ME and the institutions and persons concerned with it.

As to why I like your finding this (as you no doubt are aware, but others may not be):

The European Science Foundation (ESF) is an association of 79 member organisations devoted to scientific research in 30 European countries. It is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that facilitates cooperation and collaboration in European research and development, European science policy and science strategy. It was established in 1974. The ESF offices are in Strasbourg, France (headquarters), and in Brussels and Ostend, Belgium.

The ESF Member Organisations are research-performing and research-funding organisations, academies and learned societies across Europe. Together they represent an annual funding of about €25 billion.

The ESF provides a platform for foresighting and research networking on a European and global scale to the ESF member organisations

So here the psycho-psys have struck again, and indeed that is how they work, institutionally: By wriggling & manipulating & lying themselves into these manner of institutions on the strength of their academic positions, many friends and supporters in political and bureaucratic circles, and tweaked and manipulated "Evidence Based Science".

As to how they and it works, to continue some of what I said earlier on another thread:

Where Wessely's funding comes from

Professors Wessely, White, Sharpe etc. have risen so high that on their levels, and higher ones, up to Obama who uses golfing for this, things get in fact almost all arranged and settled "informally" and privately, that is in "one on one" meetings, such as tax-paid diners in top restaurants, and off-the-record agreements behind the scenes (also by cell phone, these days).

That is also how the University of Amsterdam, the City of Amsterdam and indeed The Netherlands are run (the Labour mayor of Amsterdam, formerly the Labour leader of the University of Maastricht now is set to become the PM of The Netherlands, "with a little help" of his institutional, media and bureaucratic friends, supporters and menials) and why it is so difficult, if one tries, to establish who in fact did decide in fact what precisely when and where:

Mostly it are NOT the "democratic organs" that sanction the decisions by formal majorities; mostly the decisions taken are in practice OTHER than formally "democratically" agreed upon; and ordinarily both the democratic sanctionings and the decisions have been informally PRE-COOKED.

ALL of this happens very consciously indeed by the main players and their willing bureaucratic executioners, precisely as in the Soviet Union: Conscious willing apparatchicks of The Powers That Be, whatever and whoever they are, if only they hand out personal perks and protections to their reliable willing servants.

The best analyses I know of what's involved institutionally and humanly-all-too-humanly are in fact by the dystopian novelists: Zamyatin, Orwell, and Zinoviev especially, who as it happened all analysed the goings on in the Soviet Union. On Zinoviev see my

Title: On Zinoviev's Theory of (Soviet) Man
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2009/NL090911a.htm

Unfortunately, apart from Max Weber and some popularizations of his ideas in the 1950-ies by Vance Packard ("Organisation Man") and Ervin Goffman ("The presentation of self in ordinary society" and other books, such as "Asylums") and Milgram and Zimbardo - see

The Stanford Prisoners Experiment

for how EASY it is to turn ordinary even fairly intelligent men into cruel prison guards in a VERY short time -

there are few really good systematic studies here.

Well... that is to say: Apart from Machiavelli and the Machiavellians, that is:

-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...elli_index.htm
-- https://maartensz.org/meinadam/le...en-THWhite.htm
-- https://maartensz.org/meinadam/le...hen-Boetie.htm

while the absolutely best analyses I know of this human-all-too-human ... smallness of mind & heart are here:

The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude [1576]
-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...yServitude.htm (ca. 1560 A.D.!)
-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...ftTravelIV.htm

with my own conclusions here (without satire):

On a fundamental problem in ethics and morals
-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...0qualities.htm

See also

Politics - introductory texts
-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...ry%20texts.htm
Power analysed logically
-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...ry/P/Power.htm
Speaking personally about people
-- https://maartensz.org/meinadam/people.html

And yes... I know it is A LOT of text, but they are good references indeed, that clarify much. Here is a final one in this context I like a lot (also as a person, writer and thinker):

-- https://maartensz.org/philosophy/...C/Chamfort.htm

"Presque tous les hommes sont esclaves, par la raison que les Spartiates donnaient de la servitude des Perses, faute de savoir prononcer la syllabe non. Savoir prononcer ce mot et savoir vivre seul sont les deux seuls moyens de conserver sa liberté et son charactère."

Sorry for my French: Too F-d to translate - and there is Google.translate, albeit it that is a total bummer where my own Dutch - indeed not written for AI - is transmogrified into Croatian.