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Very funny. Did you check out the 2010 calendar. I love the penguin cartoon. I think Maarten would really like it. Shows how "illogic" works.

You are sooo right, Hoping: Hadn't seen them before - advice for other blind men: Click on the picture of the hearts - and he has a very fine collection of tweaked cartoons abour CBT and GET, that I strongly recommend to the CAA, to be taken up in their CME. (Seriously: Monty Python is MUCH more memorable than medical texts that make the same point, but less well.)

They are in the calendars on his site, and I hope he also makes a html-file or two of just the cartoons: Very instructive, also for MEdical men, by a medical man, with ME.

And indeed, Hoping: I really like the penguin (July 2010) - and indeed that is the sort of fallacy, via statistics, that professor Wessely's Evidence Based Science relies on, next to the gentle art of Cherry Cohort Picking, of course.

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P.S. Who immediately was grabbed and grabbed DrSpeedy's latest imaginative visual brillancy:

Title: Studies in MEdical Sadism - 8: Professor Wessely's crap completely clarified (visually)
Link: https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100428a.htm

(As you see from the date, I'm faster than the speed of light...sometimes...)