MM on ME


  Apr 26, 2010





Hi Koan,

Big bummer. I've had to move twice, last 17 years ago. I had help, and it was local, in Amsterdam, and absolutely could not have done without it. Even so, I've lived for 2 weeks on a few square yards sitting between tons of books packed in myriads of boxes.

And it took me both times months and months to recover from...

Anyway... my advice is in the title. Bit by bit, as and if you can, easy does it if only something gets done...

And careful planning. And remember your computer is not fail-safe: I've been had that way - yes: it's all there, but the box stopped.

That's probably the best, or at least what I would do: Set it out on paper, schematically, to get at least an intellectual grip on it, and see what needs doing...

I know... it's all much easier said then done.

I wish you lots of strength and energy. If your Buddhism holds water - I think - it should help a little. (I have the Abidhamma somewhere to prove it... )

Best wishes,


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