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Wowza! Maarten, you are amazing. I bow down saying *I'm not worthy*.

I never really understood why studying logic was so important but you illustrate why beautifully. Bravo!

I think you've said what many of us know is the truth but can't verbalize. If not many, then you at least speak for me.

Where is your brainfog? Ah well, nevermind, glad you can think and articulate yourself so well.


And you're right, I think it's fair to guess that Wessely "works" for insurance companies.

Thank you - but it is not only logic: It is also experience. I know rather well how the University of Amsterdam and the City of Amsterdam were and are governed, and that taught me rather a lot abou politics in practice and about academics and their very often quite dishonest ways. (Wessely is not unique in that way.)

As to brainfog: I can give you an example of my previous mail: I wrote "whose interests thus he further there" - meaning "does he further". I make comparatively many such mistakes, and so do many on the forums. My explanation, that also explains my problems with programming, is that control sequences that function above one's sentences, and allow one to write and speak grammatically, partially fail, possibly because of bloodflow or oxygen-problems, because it varies: it is not constant. It is highly correlated with being exhausted, to avoid the F-word.

But this is just hypothetical, to account for my own failings. It probably is worse with many others, but that may be just bad luck, on the above hypothesis. Incidentally, I have also problems with my gait, that other members report, also varying, also hypothetically explained as above.

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