Hey Dreambirdie:
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Hey Maarten, here's my new research paper:

"Graded Yodeling Therapy to Restore Cognitive Functioning In Bored Academics With Too-Much-Time-On-Their-Hands Syndrome." (Creating An Effectual Yodeling Treatment Plan For Smart People Gone Wrong.)

Is that the WHOLE paper, the title, the outline, the paper + The Discussion', or a sketch for a project?

A++ anyway - and do I smelll a whiff of basement-perfurmes, or what...but just asking to see what it all might end up as...

... and indeed - personal anecdotal evidence - I laughed a lot due to - i.a. - your 'added weridness':

Much appreciated, most restorative, very wellness-producing&enhancing AND calculated by Real Scientists to be a Laughter Process (tm) that is aleph^aleph times as effective as the Lightning Process for ALL deeply researched patients with Medically Warranted ME/CFS/FM...


The Therapy Designed by the brilliant Dr. Yes and
You and Other Medical Specialists On This List.....

Now you may praise The Doctor and The Choir may Hymnify! (If thus disposed, of course.)


P.S. Is that _Jester_ picture on the Dr. Yes thread yours depicting you or am I really totally ignorant, inept and unclued as to Modern Abstract Art? (It started declining around 1600, I can assure you, musically, architecturally, pictorially, literarily... sorry: prejudiced as always . Aahh and as real science started, with Galileo... mmm: )

------------------------------LOGICAL INTERMISSION-------------------------
{Here the server gave up briefly, so I wrote a little more, selfabsorbedly }

--- Basic Science & Philosophy:

1. All humans have great problems, especially if they don't believe this.
2. All human problems can be solved by studying Cant and paying a Fraudian half of your income, unless your are young and attractive, in which case therapeutical miracles are wrought on the couch, by administrations to a member of the Fraudian brotherhood.
3. Whoever refutes Cant or Fraud thereby proves the truth of these doctrines.

( https://maartensz.org/meinadam/spyahoos.htm )

--- KCL-Axioms & Definitions

There is a body and there is a soul.
Psychiatry =df Science Of The Soul.
Medicine =df Science Of The Body
There is - in Scientific Principle - nothing in the soul Modern Psychiatry does not know of.
There is - in Scientific Principle - nothing in the body Modern Medicine does not know of.

All Psychiatrists are Geniuses.
All Medical Doctors are Geniuses.
All Geniuses Mean Well.

--- Theorems

What is not known to have a medical cause has a mental cause.
What has a mental cause is subject to psychiatric intervention.
Who objects to Psychiatry, must be mad.

No disease is ever medically misdiagnosed.
CBT =df Jedem das Seine
GET =df Arbeit Macht Frei
No madness is not cured or alleviated by CBT+GET

DFB=df Dysfunctional Belief System (KCL Evidence-Based)

There be succubi = df ME-DFBs
There be incubi = FM-DFBs

All Psychiatrists Mean Well.
All Medical Doctors Are Benevolent And Intelligent.

CBT is 200% effective in 100% of the cases it is applied to by Psychiatrists.
GET cures everyone of everything (if the patient Means Well And Is Sane).

{And the server works again, so I leave these as exercises for you, inbetween Jungian sessions & CYT sessions, sic nihil obstat, of course... }


Ooh, and I finally unshrined The Picture Of My Soul As Envisaged By My Father... (when I was very young and showed talent for Dialectical Logic ) -> My Profile: The Real ME, smiling sagely & dialectically... ;)