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I don't like how they addressed you Maarten, you have my support.

I really do not mind, Knackered - in the sense that I really had a good laugh. But then I have my own site where I can defend myself if thus enclined, or even talk with or about Mr Robbins, who hasn't answered my questions, but at least has a handle, a name and a face. Also, I don't live in England, where I risk being sectioned and needled for weeks by specialists in SM. (!!)

Also, why I don't mind: I have been fighting in public now for over thirty years about the decline of the education in Holland, especially in the universities; I have battled postmodernism, relativism, pseudo-marxism, inane careerist feminism, and what have you; I have been removed from the university because of my outspoken opinions (only Dutchman thus honoured since 1945!); my life has been threatened repeatedly, quite credibly also, and I have been called all manner of things by all manner of contemptible idiots. Really!

So I am a bit differently posed than the vast majority on this forum with regards to controversy. But on this forum I will not seriously discuss ME/CFS with anonymous wankers with IQ-problems whose grandfather I could be in theory, and who just have my laughing contempt: I have nothing to prove, being who I am at 60; they are - so far as I can see or indeed am willing to see - a sorry lot, and I have nothing to say to them I haven't said already. (Get A Life! Find A Girl! Learn Some Real Science! Fight Healthy Idiots, if you feel like fighting! Remove yourselves elsewhere!)

Mr Robbins still sounds very patronising, but he is also very young. I do not see myself what he is doing here nor do I like his tone or believe him, but at least I can contribute to his career and reputation if I want.

My own proposal with regards to him and others who are writing on this forum as members who do not have ME/CFS; who are anonymous although they have nothing to fear from health-authorites; and who are here to discuss the epistemological status of ME/CFS, or the shortcomings of members with ME in addressing them, or Dr. Myhill's medical shortcomings or whatever is to remove them:

I have personally met too many evident sadists in my life, for example in the guise of the leftist student activists who just 'KNEW', and loudly screamed, that I must be 'a fascist' and 'a terrorist' because I said that truth exists; in the guise of functionally anonymous bureaucrats, who support junks rather than me, threatened to murder me, and called my mother a whore in public because they couldn't defeat me in argument; in the guise of politicians who serve the interests of the Amsterdam drugs mafia rather than maintain the Dutch laws, and now in the guise of a bunch of apparent KCL-undergraduates who don't even have the balls to say who they really are, while they don't run personal risks or write with pain.

Also, one just doesn't receive football hooligans who come, as 'twere 'politely', initially, to inquire about the theory of chess at a chess club, because they have heard most chess players are mad while the hooligans pretend themselves to have an open mind and pretend they want to discuss this rationally with the chess players, albeit they are proud to say they don't know chess themselves.

I am just not going to play SM with them on this site, and also not on my own unless they have something to loose. I am also not going to defend my human dignity and integrity in public to a drooling, phishing, trolling set of anonymous nut cases who simply are lying and posing, for none of the members of this list need spend time, pain and energy on answering questions that can be answered if only the questioners would be willing to read and ponder what's on ME-sites.

They don't do that; they are not interested in ME nor in patients with ME (or they'd spent some hours reading): they like to upset people, and argue anonymously till Kingdom Come about elementary science they would not publicly argue about if they had any real talent for it.

Take of your cowardly mask, say who you are, show that you have some character, tell about your academic accomplishments and interests, and then I may answer some questions about ME - if they are posed politely and not by people sounding as if they are the thought police who would be hooligans if only they had balls.

Finally, a journalist who tells this site, in a grandfatherly condescending tone, that as far as HE - free lance, young, no academic accomplishments I know of, with a claimed former girl friend with claimed ME that

4. My views on CFS/MRE - genuinely undecided

is just B*Sing, and must be "genuinely undecided" about the compos mentis of his former girl friend AND indeed about the compos mentis of the psychiatric KCL-staff and the compos mentis of the members of this site who do have ME/CFS.

Anyone with real scientific qualifications who reads Wessely, White, Chalder etc. knows what they write just is not science and that the writers of it are either yet another gang of pretty mad psychiatrists or else are up to no good for other reasons. Whatever their motives: What they claim about e.g. CBT is just totally false pseudo-science. If Mr Robbins can't see that, he should shut his site down, and take a degree in physics or biochemistry - but if he were able to do that, at some decent level, he'd be at a decent university teaching real science, instead of pretending to discuss it on this list.

I don't have the least interest in the views of Robbins on "CFS/MRE" or quantum-mechanics or mathematical logic or philosophy or indeed on how to prepare tortellinis; I don't think he is interested in ME/CFS, for if he were he would lobby for interviews with medical specialists; and - like Knackered - I just don't like his tone.

As far as I am concerned, this forum is for persons with ME, for ME advocates, and for supporters of persons with ME, and does not exist to relieve or tolerate the cognitive or moral problems of anybody who pretends to be interested in discussing the "genuinely undecided" status of "CFS/MRE"" , for the same reasons as a forum for patients with MS is unfit to relieve the pretended problems or to satisfy the pretended curiosities of anonymous nut cases or smug journalists.

Also, IF it is true that there is a "genuinely undecided" status of "CFS/MRE"" it SHOULD give Mr Robbins, qua British citizen and freelancer of The Guardian, great pause that tens of thousands genuinely ill people, or people as genuinely ill as persons with MS or HIV, do not get the medical and social help genuinely ill people with other diseases do get, at least so far, for this too may change once the DSM-5 is in place.

So.... if this were my site, I'd simply kick them off the site: The internet is enormous, go play hooligan elsewhere. I have no health, no interest, and no time to argue with anonymous rotters playing "scientist" or with condescending journalists with unstated qualifications and unrevealed interests setting themselves up as judges here, with the prerogative to decide what they answer and fail to answer and to lecture ill people on their shortcomings.

Also, I'd like to point out that the psychiatric KCL-staff are or would be quite justified in trying to upset patients organisations concerned with ME, especially if XMRV were to be part of the cause of ME, for then they risk enormous claims for damage and many years of legal persecution. If I were Simon Wessely I'd be visiting PR and try to play it apart or blast it to smithereens, simply because of my personal interests and record, and I'd also sent my students here to have some hooliganistic fun & games, if they can.

Therefore, I am all in favour of moderators who walk softly, while carrying a big stick, and I propose to close this thread and do some removing of anonymous persons without ME/CFS.


P.S. Meanwhile, I've Reported this to the moderators and administrators, and must add that the Report Feature seems to be buggy. But at long last (4th time) it worked, and I've als EM'd about this.