Hi Carousel

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Oh my, I had no idea it was this long, I'm so sorry!

Welcome to the forums, Carousel and don't you worry about the length of your posts! (You should see mine ) (but yes, some people with severe ME can't read long posts...)

I read your story, and it is a fine writing of a rather bad story, of which there are unfortunately many on this forum.

OTOH (= On the other hand)... you'll find a great amount of very sensible information on this forum, and many personal stories by many members, and also quite a lot to laugh about (if one is not feeling too much in pain or too depressed), for quite a few members of this forum meet the medicalese and psychologisers' drivel with their own form of humour, called The Laughter Process (tm) of the Church of False Illness Beliefs . Take a peep, it starts here (and real soon runs totally out of hand ).

-- Start of The Church of False Illness Beliefs:
(30 pages more to go of Raving Insanity... )

So... you've arrived at a place where there are many people afflicted like you and your father; where there is a lot of knowledge to be found; and where you may be laughing so much that you choke...

Welcome - and I'd start with taking a somewhat systematic look around, perhaps doing searches for problems and questions of your own. It's likely there are others with the same kinds of problems, and also likely that there are already some or many answers...

Best wishes,

Maarten (who, although mad by KCL-crazy crap is a psychologist with ME since 32 years).