Hi Cort,

I asked:

And I would please have your answer on this soon: Are Koan and Dreambirdie and Dr. Yes and _Kim_ and I making over our personal rights in our personal prose to you by the act of publising it on Phoenix Rising?!

This is a SERIOUS worry to me, and I don't want it, and also never bargained for it (and you can expect some sharp bargaining if the last puzzled part is your intention).

Not speaking for myself, but speaking since I raised the point yesterday on the forum for - someone like - Koan (who doesn't know I am raising this now):

Koan is one of the persons on the forum who is very good with words and who may make money with that talent. I think SHE is entitled to make money by HER writings, also if they are on the Phoenix Rising Forums - and I don't think she'll abuse anyone on the forums or the forums themselves if she succeeds in doing so (though I agree that - where the possibility of publising (part of) some of one's own posts for money oneself is concerned - prior mailing before proceeding to talk of Phoenix Rising in one's own publications, with "The Owner Of" i.e. Cort Johnson is the correct thing to do).

You answered:

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I think she is and you are too. So here it is in black and white from the owner of the Forums: You have right to do whatever you wish with your posts - they are legally yours and you can freely do anything you want with them outside the Forums. You have created them - they are yours. Phoenix Rising's 'ownership' of them only extends to Phoenix Rising's attempt to stop others from exploiting them.

Great! That's the spirit! Thank you very much indeed!