Quite so, Dreambirdie:

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When brain washing don't forget...

And be sure to use just the right detergent.

Excellent advice...

and keep in mind The GIGA Comprehensive Covering Law:

Garbage In --> Garbage Out

For it sure helps to have truth-preserving input... As Taught By CoFIBs with The Laughter Process (in the spirit of Voltaire as e.g. in my signature ... Gerrit?! (*);)


(*) Bolding NOT for Dreambirdie. And also NOT for Dreambirdie (really) Gerrit is also here ff.:


- Je kunt me gelooven, Pieterse, ik ben 'n oud man,
en jy 'n jonk borssie, maar...
wat ik je zeg: 't is allemaal wind en 'n engelsche notting!

(Real good Doubledutch, speaking also of Simon Wacko....)