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Hi all

Just to warn you there are some 'CFS' threads started over on the Bad Science Forum.

I will NOT be engaging - we are talking about a bunch of anonymous people who cannot think outside the box, have NO idea of the problems in claims to 'EBM', have a quasi-religious belief in psychogenic explanations, CANNOT see the problems of science or logic in those, they support CBT etc., make ad hominem and appeals to authority their way of arguing, they have already spouted the usual tired old platitudes (accusing critics of mind-body dualism, of looking down on the pyschiatrically ill etc. etc.).

To even explain the situation and do it justice will take a gargantuan effort against extremely negatively-disposed people who will even put up pictures of cats ad nauseum just to derail the argument. I like cats - but I'm sick of them now! There's even been the 'these CFSers seem to have a lot of stamina' bullcrap (on the Myhill thread I think- but you'd need to check.)

Plus there is a thread on 'Wessely', which i think is a rather dangerous red herring.

I do feel attempting to engage with these people will be dispiriting and ultimately possibly prejudicial. Their prejudicial treatment of Sarah Myhill, for example, is horrifying.

So it's just a warning - you don't have to heed. But I think it will be a waste of time- there's too much entrenchment in irrational positions- but appeals to 'EBM' trumps all it seems. Plus I think anyone getting fed up or angry will be used as examples of 'mad CFS'ers'.

So proceed at your peril!

+1 - quite so, quite so: It is very probably an utter waste of time and energy.

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