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"It was a sarcastic but innocuous comment about what "Phoenix Rising" means- not slanderous; look up slander. The false statement "[slanderous comment removed]", made anonymously by a moderator or Cort, is itself the only slanderous one that was made"

justinreilly thanks for that support, of course any reasonable person knows it was not slander :


A calumniator, who maliciously and without reason imputes a crime or fault to another, of which he is innocent. For this offence, when the slander is merely verbal, the remedy is an action on the case for damages; when it is reduced to writing or printing, it is a libel

And as you say the opposite is actually true and it is libel actually. I admit it was sarcastic but only mildly so and not surprising I think considering the circumstances ie that a number of people here are extremely concerned to have a fellow sufferer is not standing against any hint of exercise suggestions when we have not only been injured by ignorant medical workers but by our own family and friends who think that if we would only try to do more we will be able to.

"Please remember that the CME states that exercise can be very damaging to CFS patients and that patients should not exercise to the extent that they ncrease their symptoms. So if you couldn't exercise without getting worse -and it sounds you couldn't then they absolutely wouldn't ask you to. For very ill patients they simply talked about 'range of motion' exercises such as moving your arms up and down and grasping things. I assume that's what they would have reccommended to you - hopefully those 'exercises' would not have caused you organ damage."

I am afraid you are wrong as even mild stretching exercises were bringing on heart symptoms but not till later that day and if I had not been so aware of my body I may not have made the connection. It was only through strict discipline in avoiding all absolutely necessary movements that I stabilised my condition. Besides any available energy should be kept for the body to use to start to recover, and then once one is in recovery, it is not necessary to use a graded program. So how do these doctors know for sure we are in a recovery state? Any interference by doctors regarding movement is unwarrented and inappropriate. PWC already have to cope with guilt over their activity levels. It shoud be be entirely under their own control how much or how little they do. It looks pretty ominous to me that this still is an issue and we are not being listened to..

I request that you remove that accusation of slander Cort. Removing something I say that you do not like is one thing, but this is quite another.


QUITE SO - and see:

I request that you remove that accusation of slander Cort. Removing something I say that you do not like is one thing, but this is quite another.

+1 - and besides, writing that someone slandered someone (i) is forbidden by the rules of this forum and (ii) is slander or libel of Brenda, 'tseems to me, also since what was removed can't be judged anymore (iii) by an anonymous moderator or administrator.

Since I've run into one moderator who is clearly unfit for the task (Cort knows who) - I mean: what is it coming to if one anonymous moderator is slanderously accusing a member of slander, while doing so in GROSS contradiction with the very rules they're supposed to MAINTAIN - can we please know which capacious legal or scientific moderating mind this time made a quite unnecessary boo-booh?

It is better NOT to moderate than thus to moderate, IM not at all HO. ("Churchill on Attlee, I think: 'There goes a humble little man, with much to be humble about' - paraphrased )

Brenda is quite right in the above post: If something she said is deemed unfit to be read by the adult members of this forum, it may be removed - but censorship + anonymous slandering are not of this day and age... yet, I hope.

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P.S. Someone who castrates my posts while leaving them hanging with

[Deleted - slanderous comments]

better beware, for he or she is going to be hung on my site forever, and will be yodeled to in my best satirical prose, that - unlike on this forum, where I am spontaneous, free and easygoing - will then be carefully tweaked for maximum memorability.

I do not like this grossly offensive "moderation" : Use your brain AND the rules of the forum if you can; stop moderating if you can't.