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 Apr 22, 2010




OT: Ad (?!) - Science(?) of Pre-Science(?) ?

OMGdess Koan!

Yea verily:

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OMG, Maarten, I could have written 5 novels!?! (Where is the screamie face from chat???) Of course, a couple of those novels would consists of 150 pages of: and a 3rd would be page after page of: what he/she said.

Thank you for your always intelligent help and your steady good humour!


PS Cort, I will PM you re my problem and why I am so concerned.

And you're very welcome, Koan - thank you ... but yes indeed: I reckoned with that too... : A nice closely printed novel of 325 pages or so fit into ... 750 Kb html. Stat-ist-i-cal-ly True Evi-den-ce Ba-sed Sci-ence

So you ought to have a large resource for

Wit and Wisdom about ME
............by Koan................

or any other title you prefer ("me ranting & raving - koan"? No...)

"RSN in The Best Bookshops"

But it's a lot of (quasi-random) of bits in bits on ME, including a few regretted ones...

Hope the problem gets solved as painlessly as possible and the book ... considered. Could be here, pre-published, as 't were? Purified and polished and all, with a True Koan Nihil Obstat Imprimatur? And PR-blessings? (Merely dreaming? )

Best wishes,


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